You take control of your time and your actions. Ok and how do you take control of your time?

Very simple you plan in advance, when you plan in advance you tend to eliminate waste time, and distractions, you are not reactive but proactive,

In order to take control over your life, you must take control over your time.

If you don’t organize your time, your life is chaos.

This means having a tight schedule of activities, with “of limit” activities and actions like reading your email or looking at facebook every 5 minutes.

So, not only your plan in advance how are you going to spend your time and what are you going to do, BUT as important is to know which activity YOU will not allow yourself to do while doing the things you decide to do.

For example checking your email or your twitter post every 5 minutes. You must stop the urge to do this or your productivity and life will be out of control.

Remember these technologies are design and made to make you addictive, as much as possible. They have their own agenda.

You can control your time only to the degree that you stop doing some things and start spending more time on few activities.

Let me repeat this key element; You can control your time only to the degree that you stop doing some things and start spending more time on few activities

For example, I can read the news online, spend 1 hour doing that, or I can use the same time doing some more productive work  or even talk and communicate with my wife. Those 60 minutes don’t come back, ever. Time is a finite resource.

So, the key is to stop doing what you know is waste time and start using your time on few productive activities.

So, it’s not only bout doing the things I should be doing more of, but also stop doing the things that are a total waste. Both go hand in hand and both are equally important, to do the things you should be ding and also to stop doing the things that you know it don’t provide any value.

Highly successful people eliminate distractions and reduce waste time

So here are today’s actions,

  1. Plan in advance how you will spend the next 3 hours or four hours or whatever.\
  2. Create specific breaks every hour should have a 5 minute break disconnecting from everything, stretching and taking 10 deep breaths,
  3. Make an agreement with yourself that there are something you will not do. Take out your phone data, or wifi or whatever.

So here is today’s question,

What activities or actions you know you need to stop doing right away because they are not good for you?

Post your answers here, or through my whatsapp?

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How do you take control of your Life?, TotalSuccess-Diary #72
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