We create our own life by the quality of our thoughts. Some thoughts empower us while others sabotage us.

The other day I was in Spain visiting my family, where I originally am from. My mother is 82, my father 84; they are amazing people, couple and support team.

My mother is one of the most generous people I have ever met.

She is 100% supportive in any way she can.

My oldest sister is having a difficult time with her art gallery business. She has had a hard time for the past 7 years; since the strong economic contraction started in Spain in 2007. Basically, my mother has maintained that business afloat with her constant and regular financial contributions.

I respect and admire that. I have nothing to say about that. I truly admire my mother’s generosity.

It Is very easy for her to give and to share with others. Her slogan is “I am rich, don’t worry, I want to help you, this is what mothers are for”. What a great slogan, really.

The best clients for the gallery are my mother and my brother. They are her best clients and supporters. I think that is wonderful.

I understand that some economies fluctuate and there are some rough periods in any business life. I understand that. However, part of the problem is not my sister’s mental thought patters.

The other day we were having lunch with my mother and my sister. My sister must have said about 20 times “Nothing sells, absolutely nothing sells, there are no sales, businesses are closing down. It is impossible to sell. It cannot be done. It is impossible to sell.”

She repeated those sentences like a monk in a monastery doing his daily mantra.

Not only she repeated them but she emotionally intensively repeated them. She repeated those statements with all her heart and emotion.

Kind of what Mohammed Ali was telling himself every day “I am the best. I am the best. I am the best. I am the best”. He repeated that sentence thousands of times, with all his intensity and conviction.

The only problem is my sister was doing the same but in an opposite direction. She was stopping herself from any hope, any possibility of improvement.

She was programming her mind for failure. And the worst part is that she wasn’t even aware what she was doing to herself.

We become what we constantly say, affirm, and repeat.

We are our words. If you want to know about a person, listen to their words.

I told my sister that yes, there is an economic contraction, but there is always a way, there is always a way to make sales. There is ALWAYS A WAY TO IMPROVE ANY SITUATION regardless of the present condition.

Some of the most powerful companies, like General Electric were started in the middle of the deepest recession ever existed.

I also told her that her thinking was making that recession worse.

As a matter of fact, the economy now is much better. It is improving, but my sisters thinking got stuck. Is what Zig Zigglar used to call “Stinking thinking”.

You can live in a recession independently on what’s going on the outside. We create our lives.

I told her that yes, she can sell, she can improve the business, she can reinvent the business.

Recessions and economic contractions have a purpose in the economic cycle. They help eliminate unnecessary services and products from the marketplace. They help improve. They are like a shark in an ocean. They fulfill a purpose.

I told her that yes, there is always a way, she can sell, and that it’s very possible.

She said absolutely NOT. No, no, no. End of conversation. There is nothing we can do. Destiny is made.

Woao that is sad. Especially for my mother that she has to support her.

These are the 7 worst beliefs you can have in your mind and that WILL STOP you:


  1. It cannot be done. It’s impossible.
  2. There is no way out. There is no way to change or make it happen. Destiny is made.
  3. The outside circumstances say there is a crisis and it’s not possible.
    I cannot change the circumstances.
  4. There is nothing I can do to make it happen.
  5. This is horrible and it will get worse. Every day is getting worse.
  6. This is a huge problem (notice the words). There is no solution.
  7. This cannot be improved regardless how much we try.

7-Empowering beliefs

  1. Yes it can be done, I can do it and I will do it.
  2. There is ALWAYS a way when I am committed. I WILL find the way.
  3. Destiny is not made; I make it now with my decisions and actions.
  4. I don’t believe in circumstances, I make my own circumstances.
  5. There is ALWAYS Something I can do. Every little effort counts, even the smallest ones and at any time the tide can turn. Every effort adds up to the total.
  6. This challenge is great. There is a huge opportunity here. There is always a benefit in any situation if I truly look for it.
  7. EVERYTHING can be improved.

Tylor Jones, Master Coach at turbomind.com.
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How we PROGRAM our minds for failure -WITHOUT- even noticing. The 7-worst beliefs to hold in your mind
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