Love will find you?, Is there a soulmate for everyone?

love will find you,, by miguel de la fuente

Love will find you?, Is there a soulmate for everyone?

Do you believe about soulmates? Do you believe everyone has a soul mate?

I am Reading some great books about the issue. I just broke up with my girlfriend and I am really interested about the issue because in a way I believe that there are some limiting believes we all have that don’t let us attract your soul mate.

Yes, I have many dates, but there is something inside of me that is limiting that soul mate to appear in my life. It’s a thought, or believe, one that is in my deeper mind.

One extraordinary book i just finished Reading, it’s short but powerful.  I highly recommend it.

It´s called “Finding forever love”, 7 steps to attract the one,  by Kathryn Alice. Written in 2012, its a summary of Kathryn message and philosophy. Great book.

We will do a full summary of this book and comment on it shortly but in the meantime here are some steps and small adjustments you can do.

  1. Eliminate limiting believes that don’t serve the purpose of finding true and lasting love.
    Write down new empowering believes, like “I have a soul mate waiting and looking for me as hard as I am looking for this person”
  2. Make space in your home for your soul mate, make space and room in your closet for this person, this prepares you for when this person appears.
  3. Buy a present, a small gift for your soul mate. Have it ready for this person.
  4. Prepare your wedding with your soul mate. This might seem crazy but shifts you internally, preparing yourself. Make a plan, where would you get married, what month, who would assist…etc.

The biggest shift is not  outside, is inside of you. You are the one that must change. You are the one that has to believe that this person really exist and its real. When you make this internal change, the external one is easy.

We will continue on future post, this is a fascinating area.

You can check Kathryn page here at


Miguel de la fuente

Love will find you?, Is there a soulmate for everyone?
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