Never follow the crowd. Always follow your Intuition. TotalSuccess-Diary #79

by Miguel de la fuente
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Never follow what the majority of people are doing, as nightingale said, the majority is most of the time wrong.

Emotions as well as actions are contagious, and sometimes it takes only one person to do something, especially if this person is seen as a leader, in order for others to follow suit.

About 60% of what we do is automatic, and we as humans don’t lie to think over every decision, we prefer to follow others on their decisions, to save time . But many times is not the best way.

If you want to create exceptional results and an extraordinary life, follow your own intuition, you will get much better results.

It’s better to follow your intuition. What is your intuition? Is that little voice inside that tells you to do something, regardless of what others might think or do.

In business, as Seth Godin says, Never follow the crowd, in a crowded marketplace doing as others is suicide, not standing out is the same as being invisible

Follow your instincts, your intuition, be different, be creative, be relentless.

If not you will get the same results as the majority does, which are not that great.

Today’s question is,

What do you need to do that you know you can and you must do, regardless of what others are doing?



By Miguel De La Fuente, High Performance  and Business Coach
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Never follow the crowd. Always follow your Intuition. TotalSuccess-Diary #79
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