Prioritize SIGNIFICANCE OVER SUCCESS, Peter Diamandis

Here is an awesome post by Peter Diamandis, (
about choosing to be significant over successful. He gives some extraordinary suggestions about significance and becoming successful in business and in life.

Peter is the founder of many companies, including the XPRIZE foundation. (

Here is the original post in his blog;

He is the author of several extraordinary books, Abundance and Bold.

Most of the time, people, me included tend to focus on being successful, on earning money, on making a business profitable. We tend to focus on money instead of adding value.

We tend to focus on earning versus being valuable.
The real profit in any business comes when you solve a problem. The real profit also comes when you create an impact.

Peter recommends prioritizing significance over success. Paradoxically, at the end of the day you will become more successful when you focus on significance.

So, Peter recommendation becomes really interesting when he explains how to do it….

  1. First you start by asking, who do you want to impact the most? Here are some other questions to find this out, Which groups (people or causes) do you care most deeply about? Where do you want to leave a lasting legacy?
  2. More important than finding your passion is to find emotional sustainable energy, which means the energy to maintain your purpose.
    Solving something you hate or despise can be as powerful as doing something you love. That’s interesting. For examples, I love inspiring people, I love inspiring people to follow their dreams, but equally or even more powerful I hate the negativity most people live with. I despise the negative news I find everywhere, especially in the news and how they earn money from selling drama.
  3. Once you know what you want to focus on, go ahead and start doing deep research about the area. Do these three things: talk to all the experts you can, read everything about your idea, and lastly, try to kill the idea. Think of all the reasons it will not work out.


TAKE ACTION. Taking action is the most important to take your idea into a successful enterprise.

Here are some of his recommendations….

  1. Start a company to solve the company
  2. Invest in entrepreneurs solving your problem
  3. Create an incentive prize (an XPRIZE or a HeroX) – see my blog here
  4. Find others working on the cause and join them
  5. Make some Stone Soup and leverage the Laws of Attraction – see my blog here
  6. Become a platform – connect talent with resources to solve the problem
  7. Start a fund and invest other people’s money in solutions to your problem

Fantastic suggestion by a great entrepreneur.

Here are some important questions and power points to remember….


Powerful questions to ask yourself when looking for significance

  1. Who do I want to impact the most?
  2. Which groups do you care more deeply?
  3. Where do you want to have a lasting impact and legacy?
  4. What three things you are most excited about?
  5. What three things piss you the most?



  1. Solving something you hate or despise can be as powerful as doing something you love. As important as finding your passion is finding something you truly despise.
  2. Find something you would die for and live for it (Peters #29 law). Ultimately is creating a life worth living, one that what wakes you up in the morning and gets you excited.
  3. The real profit in any business comes when you solve a problem, when you add value.





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Prioritize SIGNIFICANCE OVER SUCCESS, Peter Diamandis
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