Run away from AVERAGE, from conformity, TotalSuccess-Dairy #42

Run away from AVERAGE, from conformity, TotalSuccess-Dairy #42

by Miguel de la fuente
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The world is filled with “average thinking”, average people and average actions.
It’s filled with people resigned to live an average life, without much risk or rewards. Average thinking says: “It can’t be done, be realistic, relax from working so hard, there is no way to make it happen, it’s impossible”.

This type of thinking prevents you from reaching your full potential and from achieving extraordinary results.

This thinking will hammer you along the way when you are trying to do something extraordinary. This always happens. Most inventors were hammered along the way until they prove people wrong.

So I say, don’t be realistic, be awesome, be amazing, be extraordinary, be relentless,

Stop thinking average and start thinking huge. You can have success in all areas of your life.

Run away from AVERAGE, from conformity, TotalSuccess-Dairy #42
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