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THE PROSPEROUS COACH” Steve chandler and Rich Litvin, Turbomind Book Club, by Miguel De La Fuente

  10-Things I learnt from the book “THE PROSPEROUS COACH” Steve chandler and Rich Litvin   Hi this is Miguel de la fuente, with another turbomind book club summary, this time is about a book I love, “The prosperous coach”, by  Steve Chandler and Rich Litvin.   This is not a book  so […]

The Prosperous Coach, Book Summary

The Prosperous Coach by Rich Litvin and Steve Chandler, Turbomind Book Summary by Miguel De La Fuente. You can visit Rich Litvin site: Steve Chandler: Ok today we have in TURBOMIND BOOOK CLUB, a book on coaching, and by the way, it’s one of my favorite books, as a matter of fact is […]

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