This is not the 1-Million Dollar Question but the 5 million. It’s 5 times more powerful.

I love this question.

Most people when I ask them the “5-Million dollar question”, get very excited. It’s like they take a burden out of their back. They Think better and with more opportunities.

What’s interesting about this exercise is that it is only a question. The situation is the same. The outside remains the same. The only thing that changes is their thinking, their mind.

So, here is the question.

If I was going to give you 5 million dollars right now, what would you do?
Imagine I just gave you a 5 million dollars certified check. What would you do with your life? Where would you go? What would you do? With who would you spend it with?

Or if it’s hard to imagine I am giving you 5 million, just imagine you just won the lottery and you are receiving 5 million dollars tax free, now.

Most people have a hard time getting the money equation out of the equation.

When I ask, what is your dream, or what do you really want to do with your life? Most f the time this question is answered from a bunch of filters….inside filter……..self limiting beliefs

What do I mean?

People answer those questions thinking from their preset situation, with present challenges, present debt situations, and limiting conditions.

When people ask the 5 million dollar question, they answer from a open proposition, from a blank piece of paper, taking their limits out of the ecuation.

They allow themselves to dream freely because of the 5 million dollars they supposed to have received from me or from the national lottery.

So, here is the question for you…..

I just gave you 5 million dollars, what would you do?
Get a piece of paper or write it in the computer. Start dreaming of everything.

Ok I am going t answer the question myself. What would I do if someone gave me 5 million dollars now?

the very first thing I would do would be to travel the word……..around….i  would go into a intense travel hypnotic state, and I would visit something like 30 countries in 50 days or so…..yes….completely insane…..that’s what I like.


Second I would develop this site massively, improve it,build a massive online community…. and develop several more software and programs…


I would write massive content, I would hire a team to read an extra 100 books to do small summaries and interview the authors online….


I would create  a Turbomind world summit with those authors…..and other experts.


I would build a super nice boutique Hotel in Cuba, with about 20 rooms, and it would be a holistic hotel with my other brand, “Mejor Cada  Dia”…..well, I wouldn’t build it, I would buy an existing construction and I would remodel it…..


So now is your turn. Remember, you have the power to make your life absolutely extraordinary, to have it all. Start now!!!

Your coach,

Miguel De La Fuente

Are there things you have dreamt about that you haven’t found a way to manifest them? Do you have an “imposible dream” that you want to make happen?

Call me. I coach Committed Individuals in Realizing their Dreams.

By Miguel De La Fuente. He is the founder of TURBOMIND, ( an international coaching company. Basically they do 2 things: 1-they provide High End Coaching to Highly Commmittted individuals and 2-The provide Inspirational Products and Services. You can reach Miguel 507-62463797 or at (substitute at by @))for an introductory transformational coaching session.

The 5-Million Dollar Question, by Miguel De La Fuente
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