The Courage to Persist, by Brian Tracy

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This is another favorite quote, by Brian Tracy.

The courage to persist in the face of adversity and disappointment is the one quality, than 
more than anything will guarantee you success“. Brian Tracy.

I see so many people with awesome ideas, extraordinary ideas, they start really excited, and
after they encounter the first several challenges, they stop, give up and go do something
different, something new.

This happens to one of my best friends, David. I don´t care what you do, you will ALWAYS encounter 
challenges and problems. You will encounter resistance. It´s part of life. You have to be prepare
for that.

As Brian says, the courage to persist in the face of those challenges is what will ultimately make
the difference in your life, business or whatever you want to do.

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The Courage to Persist, by Brian Tracy
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