“There is always a way”-TotalSUCCESS IDEA #19, Coaching with Miguel

“There is always a way”-TotalSUCCESS IDEA #19, Coaching with Miguel

“There is always a way”-

Your beliefs determine your actions, your plans and your results. Everything in your life starts with your deepest beliefs.

So, here is one of the most powerful beliefs you can adopt. By the way, you can adopt and install new beliefs anytime you want. You just make a decision, and repeat them. Read and repeat.

There is ALWAYS AWAY. More precisely, “there is always a way when you are truly and absolutely committed to a result. There is always a way when you are relentless

When you are truly committed, there are very few things you cannot do, achieve or manifest.

And, what does “to be truly and absolutely committed” mean?


It means to do whatever is necessary to achieve the end result. Obviously, from an ethical and moral position. With integrity.

You don’t want to rob a bank to be a millionaire. It needs to be legal, moral and ethical.

But anything after that is valid.

You do whatever you must to achieve the end result. You work as many hours as you need. You talk to as many people as you need. You do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Write down three empowering beliefs you can adopt, which will make a huge difference in your life.

Here is another one, with effort I can achieve anything, and there is another one from the book by Grant Cardone, the 10X Rule,

With the right level of effort and the right level of thinking anything is possible, any goal Is achievable.

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“There is always a way”-TotalSUCCESS IDEA #19, Coaching with Miguel
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