by Miguel de la fuente
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Who can I serve today? How can I serve today? 

What a beautiful question, I heard it the first time from Les Brown, also from Brendom Burchard, Tonny Robbins,

People who get extraordinary results, high performers focus on serving, not getting…..

Change your focus from “getting” to “serving”. Change your focus from trying to get something for yourself … helping someone, serving someone and adding value to the marketplace.

Change your focus from getting money into adding value….adding value to other peoples lives….

That’s is a great question, “how can I serve today in the best possible way, or how can I add the most value to other people’s lives”?

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Truly successful people and companies focus on adding value, serving people, improving something and making a difference. They focus on their mission and purpose.

If you would spend as much time thinking about money as you would thinking about making a difference, you would end up earning much more than doing the first option.


These are three great questions to ask anytime,

Who can I serve today?

How can I serve today in the best possible way?

How can I make the biggest difference today?

Don´t just read them, or listen to them, answer them……



By Miguel De La Fuente, High Performance  and Business Coach
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Who can I serve today? How can I serve the best possible way? TotalSuccess-Diary #57
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