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a 5 step system for achieving your most important Goals

By Michael Hyatt

Summary By Tylor Jones
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This  is one of my all time top 10 books on coaching too
exceptional book, buy it several times, and share it with your friends…

How would a breakthrough year look like to you? What would it have to happen?
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30 of the most important ideas from the book “Your best year ever” this is the longer version of the video summary of the things that for me were the most valuable, also I provide a deep discussion on some of the most important points.

So here we go….

  1. How would a breakthrough year look like to you? What would it have to happen?
  2. Most people’s resolutions don’t work, most people make a resolution but they don’t follow through. There is a difference between being interested and being absolutely committed.
    Also, they bring their limiting beliefs with them from th past which limits their future, meaning this year.
  3. The way most people choose their goals is not working, first they don’t know how to write them and second they don’t have a system for safeguards. Most of them are poorly formulated. (I want to become rich, I want t earn more…). Goals that are poorly conceptualized are very easily forgotten. They don’t stick for long.
    Another problem is that they don’t motivated people. They don’t have a compelling “Why”. Also, they dot have implementation tactics.
  4. Basically Michel system is a proven goal system that incorporates those so important safeguards, with evaluations, the most important. So he develops a better plan. The evaluation and progress is as important as the goal itself.
  5. It’s important and beneficial to have more than one or two goals, you should look at your life as a whole, with different aspect, it’s not about earning 10 million this year, it’s about all aspects of your life. You can have priorities but you want to develop and succeed in all areas.
    The good news is you can improve every domain.
  6. Michaels 10 areas are: spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical, marital, parental, social, vocational, avocational (hobbies), financial.
    He has a life score assessment wheel.
  7. Progress starts when you are clear were you are right now, in other words realizing were you are now and were you want to be.
  8. The power of belief. Your beliefs shape your life. What you belief to be possible or not helps create your reality. Like the elephant, when he is small, he realizes he can’t get away from the rope and he doesn’t try anymore. Self-fulfilling prophecy. In many ways out real world is an expected world. So, you tend to see in your world what you tend to expect it will happen. Be careful with your expectations, either positive or not so positive, most of the time these are subconscious, you don’t realize they are there.
  9. What we belief its possible, tend to affect our expectations, and it goes both ways. In other words, what we expect, we tend to belief is possible ad it shapes our perceptions and actions. Meaning they shape our own reality.
  10. What if you could change what you believe its possible?. Well that would change your reality because you will also act in a different way. If you belief you can create a start up that will be affect billions and be worth billions you will act completely different that if you don’t.
  11. One of the most important reason why we don’t succeed in achieving our goals is we truly don’t belief they are possible. I don’t mean intellectually but at a deeper level, emotionally. This is why, interestingly people in their twenties achieve their New Year resolution much more than people over 50. And there is a study about this. Why?
    Because they are bringing all their doubts and fears from the past and all those years that they didn’t achieve them.
  12. What hold you the most in your progress are your limiting beliefs about what is possible. Michael has what he calls Liberating truths, I like this term. So every limiting belief ha a liberating truth. They help you overcome obstacles and create new possibilities. The past doesn’t determine the future unless you belief it does.
  13. There are hundreds of stories about limiting beliefs, like Roger Bannister with running a mille in less than 4 minutes, or pilot’s belief that it was impossible to fly faster than 768 miles an hour. Or that the earth was flat, or that we couldn’t fly.
  14. The main difference between an unmet goal or dream and its realization is the belief that IT CAN BE ACHIEVED. In order to achieve anything great you need to believe you are going to accomplish it. When people doubt, they have hard time achieving anything.
  15. Some people represent scarcity thinking, there is never opportunities, problem, complaining, always a crisis, like they have made them wrong. They live on a constant drama.
    On the other hand, Others are what he calls abundance thinking, they  are optimistic, think about possibilities, expect the best, are grateful, they empower you, are generous,  say nice things,. Yu are energized around them.
  16. Some samples of scarcity thinking,
    are entitled and fearful, belief thy will never be enough, stingy with their contacts, money and compassion, think small, are pessimistic, resent competition.
  17. Abundant Thinking People are:  are thankful, confident, they are optimistic, believe in themselves and their future, are generous, trust people, welcome competition, support people, are nice to people and encouraging.
  18. Scarcity thinking People tend to say things like: “I don’t trust people, or management, or my family”, “I see the future black, full of  fear”, “He is selfish”, “He is too busy to meet me”, “You can’t do that”, “That is impossible”
  19. Most limiting beliefs are:  about the World, about others, and about ourselves (I am a quitter, or I am terrible with money, I am just not creative). In his book Making Habits, Breaking Habits, Jeremy Dean explains limiting beliefs in 4 basic types: Black and white thinking (assuming you have failed if you don’t achieve perfection), personalizing (blaming ourselves  for random negative occurrences), catastrophicing (assuming the worst even when you have very limited evidence that supports it) and universalizing (assuming a negative experience across the board)
  20. Overabundance of news can make you depressed, sad or anxious( I read the other day new findings about people who surf face book also tend to feel depressed, by the way I just read that in a gym franchise they stop showing the news in every screen, people were complaining and it’s not a healthy input when you are at the gym)
    News sell you the idea that the world is getting worse. They are predisposed to show you negative news because they activate that survival mechanism in the amygdale. Social media can mirror this negative bias.
  21. “Facebook is the CNN of envy” as Scholar Donna Freitas says after conducting large studies about social media in her book The Happiness Effect. How much time you spend on Facebook tends to be predictive of feeling bad about your life.
  22. If you want to create the best year of your life  you have to watch for scarcity thinking and make sure you switch to abundant thinking and develop what Steve Jobs wife Laurene Powell said about her husband as “an epic sense of possibility”.
    Ask yourself: What’s not in your world right now that could be, must be? What is lacking in your relationships, career that you can only remedy?
  23.  Upgrade your beliefs to 2.0:  Every limiting belief has a liberating truth. You can place a different frame on it. Martin Luther King believed deeply on the civil right movement and its victory. Typical belief, I don’t have money to start a business. You can get money to start a business.
    Studies at AA, Alcoholics Anonymous found that people who stay sober belief that change was possible. Others believed “I can’t resist a drink
    Instead of I don’t have energy, say I have enough energy to accomplish what I want.
    I am not enough into I am enough. I am always enough.
    Live hopeful lives of creative action as Martin Luther King said, and he added, “There is  no deficit in human resources, there is deficit in human will
  24. Lack of Resources is Good: Lack of resources might be the BEST resource we have.
    Easy resources tend to make you a weak performer. Human creativity is your most important resource. A lack of resources spurs resourcefulness. Limited resources build resilience, determination and confidence in yourself. The more we overcome challenges the more capable we feel and are of overcoming bigger challenges.
    Recognize the Limiting Belief
    Record the Belief
    Review the belief
    Reject or reframe the belief
    So, what are your limiting beliefs? Start upgrading your beliefs now.
    A believe I really like is “with the right level of thinking and effort I can achieve anything” or with effort I can achieve anything.
  26.  Liberate yourself from the past:
    after limiting beliefs what’s holds people most is their past, not so much their past but their interpretation of their past.
  27. The power of backward thinking.
    The US army has a great backward thinking method. They call  it the “After Action Review”.  They have 4 steps,
    1. State what you wanted to Happen, your plans, dreams…
  28. Acknowledge what actually happened. (what you accomplish, what you didn’t…)
  29. Learn from the Experience (list the missing ingredients, what was most useful)
    4. Adjust Behavior. Something has to change and change it. If you don’t change most likely it will get worse.
  30. Regrets can reveal opportunity: Tattoo removal is the fastest growing cosmetic procedure in the world. (You want a business with unlimited income potential open a Tattoo business, but not one that creates them but one that eliminates them. People who want to take Susie out of their arm, now its 4X more expensive to take them out, work less and earn more)
  31. The 6 biggest regrets in life: research shows, about education, career, romance, parenting, self improvement and leisure.
  32. Transform Regrets into Opportunities. Researchers found that “feeling of dissatisfaction and disappointment are the strongest where the chances of corrective reaction are clearest”
    When the opportunity for change or improvement were the greatest.
    Ask yourself, what disappointments and regrets did I experience this year? How can I use them for good?
  33. Gratitude makes a huge difference. Its only with gratitude that life becomes rich” Dietrich Bonhoeffer, letters and papers from Prison.
    write down the people who have made possible for you to be here, or that have help you in anyway, write their names. Even while you are striving to achieve extraordinary success being grateful will help increase the chances of being so.
    32. Gratitude keeps us hopeful, improves our patience, expands possible responses, makes us resilient, improves our mood. Gratitude amplifies everything in our lives, and it’s the best against scarcity thinking and feelings of not being enough. Be grateful, count your blessings.
    Start the day and end the day giving thanks and being grateful. Journal your gratitude.
    33. Great results don’t just happen, you make them happen.
  34. How to set up goals that work:
    goals should be in writing to be more effective. The mere act of writing goals boost achievement, helps you overcome resistance, filters other opportunities, and enables you to record your progress and celebrate.
    Before there was the SMART system for writing goals (specific, measureable, action oriented, realistic, and time bound).
    He created the S

MARTER formula which is basically
Specific, measurable, actionable, risky, timed keyed, exciting, relevant-
G to the 10 categories and you can place goals in each category.

  1. There are 2 types of Goals: achievement goals and habit goals:
    One has a limited time frame, the other one is an ongoing activity, like raining 4 times a week, this is an ongoing activity. They both help you design your future.
    Achievement goals usually focus on one time achievement. Achievement goals have deadlines, ideally.
    Habit goals involve regular ongoing activity, like calling clients 1 time per week.
  2. The Most Effective Habit Goals include 4 time Keys:
    1. Start date
    2. Habit frequency, how often you will do this habit. Could be specific day.
    3. Time Trigger: This is the time you want to do the habit. This is a great way to be consistent.
    4. Streak target: How many times you want to do it continuously, times in a row before you consider it part of your behavior.  The risk factor comes from maintaining your streak.
    37. Find your way, find the deep reason why you must do something. Your what needs a why. When you don’t feel like doing something ask yourself, why I must do this? Or why should I do this? Or why do I want to do this?
    Every extraordinary achievement requires an extraordinary effort, dedication and commitment and you will not survive without that WHY.
    38. Success is better with friends, and also is more fun. Success requires help, support and sometimes in big quantities. We have a better chance of achieving our biggest goals when we work with others.
    Build your team with supportive friends or groups.
    39. According to Gail Matthews research, those who write down their goals and share it with supportive friends do better than those who keep them in private and much better than those with no written goals. Belief is easier when it happens in a community with other people. The right peers serve as a supportive structure for your liberating truths that is your empowering beliefs.
  3. Measure your gains and celebrate. Always measure the gains and the progress you are making, it’s a huge power forward. Acknowledge the gap but focus on the progress you are making. A big goal is half of the equation, you must take consistent action.
    The bigger the goal the more important is to celebrate small wins.
  4. 41. Make activation triggers, like putting your running shoes right next to your bed. Identify the triggers that will help you make this happen. Create Triggers that will promote success and achievement.
    Write down goals, break them down into Next Actions and set activation Triggers that promote success. Then create regular review processes. The daily review helps you connect your goals to your actions.
    Ask yourself, what could I do today that would get me closer to my goal?
    What it will take to reach my big goal?
    If you want to achieve big goals you need to connect them daily to your most important tasks.1. Read your goals daily and also evaluate progress daily.
    2. Review them weekly, a weekly evaluation.
    3. Review them monthly
    4. Review them Quarterly, that I every 3 months, make 3 months plans of actions and achievements.43. Goals, next actions, weekly Big 3, Daily Big 3.
    44. Winning Goal process:
    Breakdown your goal into manageable Next Steps
    Utilize activation riggers.
    Schedule regular goal reviews.

A couple friend of his that go on a date every single week for the last 20 years. Bill and Nancy have a great marriage. Awesome

what could I do today that would get me closer to my goal?
What it will take to reach my big goal?


When you are obsessed about what’s wrong you miss what’s right.

If you are not passionate enough from the start, you will never stick it out.
Steve Jobs


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