TURBOMIND BOOOK CLUB, and today we have one of my favorite coaching books called “YOUR BEST YEAR EVER”

“Your Best Year Ever” by Michael Hyatt, TURBOMIND Book Summary by Tylor Jones
You Can Visit Michael here: https://michaelhyatt.com/
Or get the Book Here: https://yourbestyeareverbook.com/

This is the TURBOMIND BOOOK CLUB, and today we have one of my favorite coaching books called “YOUR BEST YEAR EVER”
a 5 step system for achieving your most important Goals

Michael Hyatt

This book will be added to my top 10 favorite books of all time, it was just released this week, awesome book.

Summary By Miguel De La Fuente for TURBOMIND Book Club.
Our passion is learning. And sharing.

You can see next week the full summary of this book, this is just an intro into the summary.

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So, what’s this book about and what is the most important?

Well as I said we will have a long version of this video on the things I learnt, but for here we will say

This book is an extraordinary self-coaching book to help you make this your best year ever, optimize yourself, and improve on that, make it also the best possible.

One of the problems most people have about New Year’s resolutions is that they don’t stick around, by the end of January most people forget about them. It a faulty system.


For several reasons, one of them is because our self limiting beliefs that we carry from the past which limits us.

How do you change that? Create liberating truths about your present, about yourself and about the world. I like the term LIBERATIG TRUTHS. These are universal truths about yourself, the world, people, etc.

So basically Michael Hyatts book offer a better way, a better method, a proven goals setting system that works.

A way of writing goal and a way of evaluating goals, which is critical.

This is also explained really well in Brendon Burchard extraordinary book called High Performance Habits. You need to evaluate constantly to improve something.

It’s about placing goals, study after study show that having challenging goals helps people become more productive.

Michael has a formula for goals, called SMARTER, you know about the SMART (specific, measurable…) formula for writing goals, well he improved it and created the SMARTER FORMULA, which is
1. Specific
2. Measurable
3. Actionable
4. Risk, challenging
5. Timed
6. Exciting
7. Relevant

You can see the rest of the summary on the next post and video.

We give this book a 9.8 which is one of the highest scores; this is an exceptional book that every person who wants to improve should read.

You can watch the most important things I learnt from the book at
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“Your Best Year Ever”, by Michael Hyatt TurboMind Book Summary
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