10- questions I like to ask myself every day, TotalSuccess-Diary #55

10- questions I like to ask myself every day, TotalSuccess-Diary #55

by Miguel de la fuente
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10-  questions I ask myself every single day

Questions are an excellent and underuse tool to direct your mind, your mental focus, in addition to help you get into a powerful state.
I do a daily exercise, except the days I forget, and I ask myself these questions. I give myself about a minute for each question to be answered.

  1. What am I most grateful?why
  2. How did I make my life extraordinary in the last 7 days?
  3. What am I most excited in my life now? Why?
  4. What am I most proud about? Why?
  5. What s my biggest dream? Why?
  6. How would my ideal lifestyle be? The life of my dreams? or, if I am living my ideal lifestyle, how could I even make it better?
  7. What am I absolutely committed to?
  8. What I will not allow myself to continue?
  9. What is my mission, purpose?
  10. What is the absolute highest and best use of my time now?


When you give yourself a specific time, you force your brain to focus and answer what’s truly important. That time limit makes you squeeze what is most important to you.

Do this exercise. It’s very powerful. It will only take you 11 minutes.




By Miguel De La Fuente, High Performance  and Business Coach
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10- questions I like to ask myself every day, TotalSuccess-Diary #55
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