Your “ULTIMATE Life ” Exercise, by Miguel DeLa Fuente

Your “ULTIMATE Life ” Exercise, by Miguel DeLa Fuente

Your “Ultimate Life” Exercise

“How to Create an Extraordinary Vision for Your Life and for Yourself Today”


By Miguel De La Fuente, High Performance and Business Coach.

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From 0-10 how is your life? Be honest. Zero being worthless and 10 living your extraordinary life experience possible. Well, i create this exercise and section in my TotalSuccess Diary App to take it to a 10.


The pupose of this Exercise is to help you create a blueprint of Your Ideal Life, Your Ultimate Lif, what i call your “TOTALIFE”, the Most Extraordinary Possible Vision for your Live. An empowering and exciting vision for the future. It doesn’t matter if you are 15 or 95, you want an empowering vision, something that excites you. Something to live for.


How do you do this? Well, you go beyond your present situations, conditions, circumstances and specially thinking, and expand your mind and vision to the highest possibilities. You create a plan the same an architect creates one for an spectacular building.


You choose some time in the future as starting point, rom 3 to 10 years.

This is an ongoing exercise, one in which you keep improving, expanding and developing. This is your life project. As long as you are alive, it never stops.

This exercise will Help you describe and decide what would your “ultimate life” be like. Then, create a plan to start living this life today. Remember, your most spectacular goals and desires are Possible. You have the power to make them a reality. Any goal attacked with the right level of thinking and action is attainable.


I believe our biggest challenges, and limitations are in our own minds, in our thinking. Our biggest obstacles are our own self limiting beliefs. If you are not expanding your thinking regularly, most likely you are contracting your life. By the law of Gravity, your thinking tends to contract unless you are making an effort to expand it.


How do you create an empowering vision?

Do you have any dream or goal you want to manifest and haven’t been able to do so? Call me. I coach Committed Individuals who want to realize their greatest dreams in order to live their most extraordinary lives. Call me at whatsapp 507-62463797
Do you have any dream or goal you want to manifest and haven’t been able to do so? Call me. I coach Committed Individuals who want to realize their greatest dreams in order to live their most extraordinary lives.
Call me at whatsapp 507-62463797


With my coaching clients i use 4 methods,

  1. Write a 3000+ word summary describing in detail how Your ultimate life would be. This is a powerful exercise by itself. When you write complete paragraphs and you force yourself to complete sentences your brain has to think deeper and anticipate possible obstacles. Here i provide you some 20 questions that can help you succeeding with this task. Its easy. In addition to that you will write a 5 step strategy to make this vision a reality.
  2. Record a 5-Minute Audioafter writing this summary.
  3. Record a 1-Minute Video Summary,after you completed the 5 minute audio.
  4. Choose empowering picturesrepresenting this Vision.


I created my coaching app to help people with this process. The name of the app is called: “TotalSucess Diary” App, you can download it in any of the stores, or at This app will become your Best Coach and Success partner. When you use it everyday it will transform your thinking, and results.


When you download the app, either on IOS, or Android, you open it up, go to the left menu and click at “My TOTALIFE” There you can write, record the audio and the video. Soon you also will be able to upload pictures. You can make this vision private or public. When you make it public you will enter a contest, the winner will receive a 6 Free 6-month coaching contract with me.


Some of my clients are very clear on what they want to do, create and experience in their lives. They will write a shorter summary. Others, cant think past 2 weeks, and they will need to write and brainstorm more. In both cases this is fine.


Follow your intuition. Start writing and do it as a game, relax and enjoy. Do whatever works better for you. You are your own life’s architect. Create this vision as if you are writing a letter to Santa.


The thing is this, If you want to create an Extraordinary life, you need to know what an extraordinary life would look like. You need to describe it.




  1. What is your life vision? What do you Want to create, do, become, or experience in your life? (You can choose the timeframe you like better like 3, 5, or 10 years. Some people prefer the 3, others 5, and others as entrepreneurs with big visions prefer the 10 year time frame. Choose the one you feel most comfortable with)
  2. How would your ultimate life be like? The most extraordinary version of your life?
  3. If you could do, create, achieve anything, what would it be?
  4. What do you want your life to be about? What is the best use of your time and resources?
  5. If i gave you 5 million now, what would you do?
  6. How would your ideal life would be?
  7. What do you feel you must do?
  8. What is the ONE thing you were born to do?
  9. What does life expects of you?
  10. Write 10 Goals, Results, Desires you Must Achieve in Your Life
  11. What you will not allow to continue, committed?
  12. What does an spectacular life mean to you?
  13. How would you leave a legacy that last 500+years?
  14. If give you a Billion dollars how would you use it to help humanity?
  15. If you had one year to live, what would you do?
  19. Write a 5-Step Plan to make it a reality.


It doesnt matter how successful or unsuccessful you are or feel, every one needs an empowering vision for their lives. Every leader needs an empowering vision for their followers and himself. Every business needs an empowering vision to succeed in this challenging era we are living in.


Every human being needs an empowering vision. Without a vision people perish.

Start developing your vision today. Start transforming your life now.


Life is a dance between living in the present fully and having a vision, an empowering vision to work for. This is the best of both worlds.


I see this in my mother. She is 85, she was diagnose cancer, esophagus, with a few months to live. Everyday she want to live to the max, like slipping an orange juice that you want to flavor it the most.


Everyday was a miracle. She wasn’t looking for three years, probably because she knew she didn’t have them. However, she was very excited for the trip she was going to take in one month to Germany with my sister and I. She was very excited for Her 60 year anniversary in two months, making awesome plans and having the whole family together, a once in a lifetime experience.


I found out that most people can get excited about things up to 90 days, then the excitement might bet here but don’t feel it so alive or intense. It kind of reduces intensity.


So, a great way to get excited is to look at things you really want to do in the next 90 days.


Yes, you want to develop a lifetime vision, and live your TOTALIFE, but it really helps if you are having a hard time developing this vision to start with your 90 days mini-life.


So, you can start by asking, “what am I really excited about the next 90 days?” And you work from those things up. In my case, i am really excited about selling a house that I have, selling another one for a friend, developing the TotalSuccess Diary App massively with some awesome features, getting some awesome coaching clients, doing 100 short videos, and traveling with my family to Germany and then come back to Spain, in addition to many other things. I have a lot going on in my life, but these things really inspire me, excite me.


Focusing on these, inspire me because its something its close enough to make it happen, its like a stretch, but not that far away that I don’t see the end of the tunnel.


However, i believe in order to create an extraordinary life you need an extraordinary vision to start with. Then, you need an extraordinary strategy to make it a reality, and a extraordinary commitment to fulfill that vision.


Your biggest goals and dreams tend not to occur unless you take aggressive action on a daily basis. Its very easy to get distracted in this modern era, you will need massive continuous focus to make it happen.


You can also break Your Totalife in different sections and categories. With my coaching clients i use between 10 and 14 categories depending on the person and his/her life.


These are some suggestions. By the Way, instead of just-call them health and fitness, we call it My Total Health, Energy and Vitality lifebecause by using this name predisposes people to think bigger and more empowering about this section or area of their lives. It helps people make this and other categories more successful.


Here are some you can use,

  1. My Total Lifestyle
  2. My Total Mission(s)
  3. My Total Contribution and Impact
  4. My Total Health, Energy and Vitality
  5. My Total Character
  6. My Total Social Life
  7. My Totalove Life(love life, soulmate)
  8. My Total Parenting Life
  9. My Total Career Life
  10. My Total Financial Freedom Life
  11. My TotalBusiness


As i mentioned before in the question section, You can choose the timeframe you like better like 3, 5, or 10 years. Some people prefer the 3, others 5, and others as entrepreneurs with big visions prefer the 10 year time frame. Choose the one you feel most comfortable with. I personally like the 5 year time frame because it gives me enough time to achieve big goals and things, while is not so-far away that i lose excitement.


By Miguel De La Fuente, High Performance  and Business Coach

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Your “ULTIMATE Life ” Exercise, by Miguel DeLa Fuente
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