tony Robbins

Your “ULTIMATE Life ” Exercise, by Miguel DeLa Fuente

Your “Ultimate Life” Exercise “How to Create an Extraordinary Vision for Your Life and for Yourself Today”   By Miguel De La Fuente, High Performance and Business Coach. You need help creating your LifeVision”? WhatsApp me at +507-62463797. I can help you.   From 0-10 how is your life? Be honest. Zero being worthless and […]

UNSHAKEABLE, turbomind book club-book summary of the week

      “TURBOMIND BOOK CLUB” SUMMARY OF THE WEEK, March 19, 2017 UNSHAKEABLE By Tony Robbins Book summary by Miguel De La Fuente   Hi, today’s book of the week is by Tony Robbins, UNSHAKEABLE. This is an exceptional book and one of turbomind’s top picks for 2017.  A must read book for anyone […]

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