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13 of my favorite Coaching-questions to ask anyone


I love hearing people’s dreams and desires, I love when people tell me about their dreams, desires, frustration, everything.

I love asking questions. I feel like an investigator. You can learn so much about a person by simply asking. It’s amazing. Most of the people I ask love to share, especially when we are talking about their dreams, goals and visions.

So, these are some of my favorite questions to ask anyone anytime.

If you want to have fun, get together with a friend and ask each other some of these questions. Ideally do it with a watch so both of you spend the same amount of time on the answers. When I do it with friends we each spend round 3 minutes on each answer.

Ask the questions to yourself if you don’t find someone to do it. Do it once a week, it a great inspiring exercise.

  1. What are your biggest dreams? Another version of the same one is this version, if you could achieve, experience or create anything in your life what would it be?
  2. How would your ideal lifestyle be like? Or, how would “Your Dream” lifestyle be like? Most people have a better idea about how their dream lifestyle would be like than they think they do. Give them some time and they will tell you everything.
  3. How did you make your life extraordinary in the last week?
    This is one of the most important questions. It helps you put things in perspective. What did you do to make your life great this past week?
    I am sure you can find a lot of great things. What were your biggest achievements?
  4. How could you dramatically improve your life now? How could you make it much more fun? I love this one. It is a simple question but most people are so deep into their own experience that they forget to ask how they could improve their life. What could you do (or stop doing) to dramatically improve your life in the next week? Eexcited?
  5. What is not in your life that could or MUST be in your life? And what are you going too do about it? .
  6. What does your intuition say now? What is your intuition telling you to? Get out of your head and use your intuition. Your sixth sense.
    Your intuition is the best GPS you can find.
  7. What is the very best use of your time and money now? There is always a best use of your time. Another version of this one is, What is the highest and best use of your time (or money) now?
  8. If I was to give you 1-billion dollars how would you help humanity?
    How would you help humanity in a big way if you would have a billion dollars to spend or invest? I got this question from Peter Diamandis while doing an interview with Tim Ferries.
  9. How could you live a legacy that last 500 years or more? What type of legacy do you want to leave when you are gone? And how could you make it last many years in this fast changing life?
  10. What are you absolutely committed to achieve or make happen in your life? Opposite to this one would be, What you will not allow to continue happening in your life?
    These are opposite questions, on one side you answer things you will not allow to continue, and on the other side the things you are absolutely committed to do, achieve or become.
  11. If I was to give you 5 Million Dollars right now, what would you do with your life? This is a great question to get the money issue out of the way and to see what you really want to do.  This question helps you get out of the box, the box of your own mind.
  12. Imagine its 3 years from now, and you have achieved everything you want, you are living your dream life with your dream lifestyle, describe where you do live, what do you do……
  13. If you could have 3 wishes right now, what would they be? If you could have three things come true in your life what would they be?

Make your own list of your favorite questions to ask. You can help your friends, family and just about anyone create a crystal clear vision for their life and the direction they want to go.

Make a commitment to make your life extraordinary. You can have it all.

Tylor Jones, Master Coach at turbomind.com.
Contact me Through WhatsApp or Telegram for a 45-Minute Free Coaching Session. I love helping people and Businesses become Exceptional. +507-6426-9450. keep updating this list regularly….

13-Coaching Questions to Ask Anyone Anytime, TotalSUCCESS IDEA #12
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