How do you make affirmations that really work?
A different way.

The most common complain I heard from people who use affirmations are that they don’t do anything. Well is not that affirmations don’t do anything,

The key is how to create and repeat affirmations that really empower and transform you.

What do I mean?

Well, think of an affirmation or a script you read as filling up your emotional and belief tank. Every time you repeat them you are filling your internal possibility tank.

By default if you don’t do any type of internal work, the bad weeds will start growing inside your head. It’s the law of nature. There is no way around.

If you watch, or read the news on a daily basis most likely is your mind will be invested with negativity and drama.

So even as a preventive action you have to do your internal work, which means affirmations, visualizations, relaxation, mindfulllness, reading inspirational stuff and biographies, listening to inspirational educational material, and sounding yourself with positive, optimist, fun,  and purpose driven people.

Well, it’s a lot of work, but you are going to do it anyway, you might as well make better choices.

The weeds grow up automatically, so it’s your responsibility to have a mental and emotional garden well maintain and fed.

One of the best way is to read and repeat affirmations, but ot in any way, here are the best ways to do it,

  1. Write down ten empowering affirmations, it can also be a continue script.
  2. Chose the best 4 or 5
  3. Get up, take a couple of deep breaths, extend your body, inhale deeply, and when you exhale repeat the affirmation using all your body, your voice, your imagination. Its what Tony Robins calls inchantaitions, using your whole body as you exhale you repeat it.
    This is completely different from repeating I am happy I am happy I am happy, repeat about 10 times each.
    Depending on the length of the affirmation you will be able to repeat 5 in each exhale, so for each affirmation you should take two deep breaths, one exhale you repeat 5 and the other exhale you repeat another 5. This is a powerful way to do affirmations.
  4. The second way is to while you take deep breathings, you peat the affirmation without moving, but you create a mental image or picture of the affirmation you are repeating.
    You take a deep breath and as you exhale you repeat the affirmation while creating a mental winning picture of the affirmation.
    So let’s say you want to sell your house, what affirmation can you create? Something like this
    -I am selling the house today. It is a reality.
    So you take deep breath and while you exhale you repeat this affirmation in your head while creating a winning image of the event.
    The clearer the image is, the more emotional the image is the more powerful is the affirmation visualization.

The key for an affirmation to work is intensity, repetition and consistency to what you want. The key is a deep believe that it will happen.

Your subconscious mind will start working and creating and manifesting these goals into your life. For example, when you repeat an affirmation such as, “I earn

$50,000 per year! I earn $50,000 per year and you truly believe it, you mind will work on making that affirmation a reality in your life.

The Law of Correspondence explains another powerful success factor, which is: the outer world tends to be a mirror image of your inner world.

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How do you make affirmations that really work?, TotalSUCCESS IDEA #11
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