A Dream and A Vision are not the same?, TotalSuccess IDEA #14

A Dream and A Vision are not the same?, TotalSuccess IDEA #14

A  Dream and A Vision are not the same?

What is the difference between a dream and a vision?

Well, it’s great to have dreams. It allows freeing your mind from thinking in a box. But a dream without a plan or a commitment, it’s just a dream. It has little value and low probability of becoming reality.

A vision is a dream with a plan, with commitment to make it happen.
Create an empowering vision for your life.

Start with the dream and develop a plan of action, make a commitment that you will not stop until you manifest that dream, or something better.

What are your biggest dreams?
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Which ones I am truly committed to make them happen?


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A Dream and A Vision are not the same?, TotalSuccess IDEA #14
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