How  do you stay flexible and committed at the same time?

Are you truly committed to make something happen?

Commitment, determination, execution is the key to an extraordinary achievement. A relentless commitment to action will overcome any obstacle.

However, you also want to be flexible in your attitude. Sometimes, not getting what you want might be your biggest blessing and achievement into getting, attracting or manifesting something better.

Yes, you want to give your best effort. But also you want to be open yourself up to the possibility that instead of what you wanted, you are getting something even better.

That doesn’t mean you supposed to give up on that important goal. It only means that along the way you might end up in better place that what you anticipated.

How do you stay committed and flexible at the same time?

You write a dairy with your emotions, and you constantly evaluate progress

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How do you stay flexible and committed at the same time?, TotalSuccess Idea #15
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