The power of a true and SINCERE compliment

Nothing is as powerful as a sincere complement to someone. Nothing is as powerful as saying something nice to someone, even if the compliment itself it’s nothing special.

A sincere compliment lifts people up.

Something as simple as “what a beautiful dress you are wearing”, or “you look really nice in that dress”, or “you are smart”, or “Yu are doing great’, or “Great job”

Whatever it is, become good at saying compliments and you will have lots of friends. People tend to listen to hundreds or 1000s of negative comments, news, every day, so when you say something nice you ……

Exercise: today make a commitment to give 5 compliments to 5 different people. Make this complement sincere, real and authentic. A sincere compliment lights people up, makes them feel good, inspires them.

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The power of a true and SINCERE compliment, TotalSucces Idea 16
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