Are you a wondering generality?or a Meaningful specific, TotalSuccess-Diary #50

Are you a wondering generality?or a Meaningful specific, TotalSuccess-Diary #50

You can do absolutely ANYTHING you want to do if you stick for it long enough.

by Miguel de la fuente
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You can do ANYTHING you want to do if you stick for it long enough. Anything you want if you stay at it long enough.

What is the problem we have in this age of some many things, so many distractions, so many different opinions about a subject, and so many new things coming up every day?

People lose focus very easily, we get distracted with anything, any news, even the fake ones, and change from one thing to the other.

They change diets, husbands, careers, wifes, friends, interest, and they become as Zig Ziglar would call “wondering generalities

 Which is  the art of going from one thing to the other without much success r results……


This is one of the most important principles of high performance and great achievements.

Make a decision to do something, to focus on something and do it until you finish it completely, not half way, but completely.

You say you are going to walk 20 minutes for the next 90 days? Do it. You are going to create a web program and going to do 500 shows? Do it.

Finish your commitment completely and you will see spectacular results.

The other option is in the middle change and go half way.  

Most people get very inspire when they create or think about a new project or idea, but then after setbacks and not seeing results right away, they stop, give up and go into something else.

They underestimate the time, energy and obstacles that will have to invest in order to make something successful. They underestimate the amount of effort it will take to make it happen…..and so they quit….

I see in almost every endeavor out there….people don’t stick with it long enough….

 It’s about being there, not leaving your goal or dream. It’s about sticking to your dream like if you had glue and maintaining yourself there.

 Every goal or dream goes through several phases. First is getting excited. Second is getting lost and wanting to quit.

 You can do anything if you stick long enough.  

Question for you today, how long are you willing to stick with what you want to make a reality?

Make a decision right now on exactly on what are you going to do, write it down and start now with your first action.







By Miguel De La Fuente, High Performance  and Business Coach
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Are you a wondering generality?or a Meaningful specific, TotalSuccess-Diary #50
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