How can you increase the probabilities of success?, TotalSuccess-Diary #68

How can you increase the probabilities of success?, TotalSuccess-Diary #68

by Miguel de la fuente
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The “Probability theory” says that you can improve the likelihood of success; you can improve the like hood of something happening.

It teaches that there is a likelihood that any particular event will occur.
This likelihood or probability can often be calculated with good accuracy, and sometimes not.

The Law of Probabilities is one important factor in explaining luck, or what people understand as luck.

What this law says is that for every event, there is a probability of that event occurring under certain circumstances


If you want to achieve success in any field, and you have clear, written, specific, measurable goals and plans that you follow and work on each day, you are much more likely to attain it.

If you then study and apply yourself to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in your field, you will increase your probabilities of success.

Additionally, If you associate with the right people, manage yourself and your time extremely well, move quickly when opportunities presents themselves, persevere in the face of obstacles, you will get what people call luck, which is preparation meeting opportunity.

Also, the willingness to take intelligent risks in the pursuit of your clearly

defined and desired goals, puts you on the side of the angels. You

will increase all the probabilities in your favor. You could achieve

the same level of success in one or two years that other people may take 10 or 20 years of less focused, less directed behavior.


The key of success is to use everything you can to increase the probabilities of what you want occurring.

Even one small action or factor can make a huge difference between success and failure, one small factor, one small action; one small effort can make a huge difference.

So here is today’s question,

How could you increase the probabilities of something you truly want occurring in your life?



By Miguel De La Fuente, High Performance  and Business Coach
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How can you increase the probabilities of success?, TotalSuccess-Diary #68
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