What are you attracting into your life? TotalSuccess-Diary #69

What are you attracting into your life? TotalSuccess-Diary #69

by Miguel de la fuente
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You are a living magnet

What are you attracting in your life?

You want to attract what you want, your dream, goals, etc?

Start talking about what you want, start talking about your goals, desires, dreams, and talk with conviction.

The people who think and talk continually about what they want seem to attract more of those very things into their lives. And it’s not only about attracting but about creating, every time you say a word, a dream, a goal, and you repeat it with conviction it starts to become real for you.

Furthermore, people who talk about what they don’t want, including the things they fear most or worry about all the time, the people who are angry and resentful, continually attract negative and unhappy experiences into their lives as well.

They attract drama.


Super achievers think and talk constantly about what they want. They are constantly feeding their dreams.

Others talk about what they don’t want or complain about those things.

Successful people think and talk about what they want most of the time.

Think about it, it makes all the sense. When you are talking about what you want you are magnetizing to those things, or events that you want to manifest in your life.

You are focusing your mental ad emotional energy into those things, and it’s a mathematical law that whatever you focus on it tends to become stronger, it tends to expand.

So in this case you are expanding your desires, you are making them stronger.

And remember, whatever you believe with conviction becomes your reality. William James of Harvard said: “Belief creates the actual fact.”

If you absolutely believe that you are destined for extraordinary life,

So today’s question is,

What three goals, dreams or desires are you constantly going to talk about and tell everyone about them?



By Miguel De La Fuente, High Performance  and Business Coach
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What are you attracting into your life? TotalSuccess-Diary #69
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