How do you feel your best? TOTALSUCCESS IDEA #24

How do you feel your best? TOTALSUCCESS IDEA #24

How do you feel your best? What do you to feel your absolutely best?

by Miguel de la fuente
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When do you feel your best? When do you feel about yourself?

I don’t mean physically, but emotionally, internally, although it could also mean physically.

We usually feel or best when we have done a great job. And what does it mean to do a “great job”?

Well it can be several things.

On one side it could mean you have done what you knew deep inside that you should be doing.

On the other side, doing a great job could mean you have done a great quality job, and also you have finish completely that job.

Most of the time we don’t finish the things we make a commitment to do. That’s why the majority of people who go on a diet end up heavier than what they started with.

So when do you usually feel great about yourself?
1. You do what you know you have to do, regardless you feel like it or not.

  1. You do a great quality job, try to make it the best, and try to improve from the last job.
  2. You finish completely that job; wrap it up like a present.

Anything else?


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How do you feel your best? TOTALSUCCESS IDEA #24
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