Feed Your Dreams, desires, values, Cultivate Your mental garden-
how to reduce negativity

by Miguel de la fuente
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If your mind was a garden, what are you planting on a regular basis?

What seeds are you planting in your mental garden?

By the way, how do you plant a seed in your garden?

Well, you put in great information, knowledge and attitudes.
Your mind is like a parrot, it repeats everything that hears sees and does. ON a subconscious level is critical what we read, see, watch, do, talk about as well as the dialogue we have internally.

This is our mental garden. So if you are watching everyday horror movies, talking about negative events, surrounded by negative people, talking about how horrible life is, it would be very difficult to have a happy and exciting life.

If you are not planting good seeds into your mental garden, weeds will grow automatically.

Weeds always grow automatically. It’s the law of nature. You don’t need to feed or waiter them. They come with the territory as a bonus. You don’t need to put it any effort.

On the contrary, if you want a beautiful garden you need to plant, water, cut, trim and nourish beautiful plants, and you need to do it on a continuous basis.

Having a beautiful mental garden, suggestions

  1. Read empowering, inspirational, transformational books that help you maximize your life and improve yourself. This includes autobiographies of successful people and entrepreneurs.
  2. Watch empowering movies, great stories, learning stories, amazing characters. This includes a lot of fun movies with hapy endings, inspirational stories with people overcoming incredible odds to achieve incredible things.
  3. Posters and images on your walls of the things you want and you stand for and that stimulates and inspires you.
  4. Create your success team, people supporting each other in achieving their greatest dreams and desires.
  5. Help people in were condition than you, supporting them, becoming their mentor.
  6. Listen to inspirational, transformational audios every single day.
  7. Affirmation and visualizations. Do “power-suggestions”, I call these the ones you use your body, voice, and gestures to create a powerful state.
    Review your goals 2 times per day, one in the morning and one at night before going to bed.
  8. Pray for yourself and for others.
  9. Bless people. Wish people good things, great things for them.


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Feed Your Dreams, not Your Fears, TOTALSUCCESS IDEA #25
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