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Suggestions have an immense power in your subconscious mind. Most of the time we don’t realize, but they are affecting us.

When you watch a serial killer movie at night, with people getting killed all over the place, in the most traumatic ways, it will impact your mind for the rest of the night, even while you sleep. Probably it will for the next couple of days.

Your mind is a sponge for whatever you read, you watch, you listen to, you talk and repeat, you see…everything is impacting your mind. Every message has power.

This is why is so important that you filter the information and messages that come to your mind, reduce the negative or destructiveness and feed your mind with value, inspiration, creativity, dreams, and powerful messages that help you grow.

Whatever you put in to your mind in however way, will come out from you.

The world, the news and social media is infected with negative, destructive messages, of negativity and hate, that try to send you a message that the world is getting worse and worse, that there is more crime, more violence, more destruction.

But is it really true?

Well, in some part of the word this might be a reality, places where there is ongoing war, or fighting like now is happening in Afghanistan, or Syria, this may be the case, but as a society in general, if you go deep into the statistic you find the world is getting better and better.

So, it depends on what you focus on, and what message are you letting get into your head and accepting s true. The key is that you accept them as true, that’s when they become powerful.

From infancy the majority of us have received many negative suggestions, a campaign of negative and destructive ideas about ourselves, not knowing of to neutralize them, some we accept them as reality and the way we are.

Some of these suggestions were made to try to control you or instill fear into you so you would behave.

Things like: -You can’t -You will never amount to anything. -You will fail. –
You haven’t got a chance. -You are all wrong. -It’s no use. –
its not what you know but who you know. -The world is ending -things are getting worse and worse. -You are too old for that. Or You are too Young for that.

You are too fat for that. You are too ugly for that. -You cannot win. -Love is for the birds. -Pretty soon you will go bankrupt. -You cannot trust anyone. -Watch out you will get the virus. -There is no way out, I am lost.

If you say things like, “there is no way out, I am confused, why don’t I get answer to my prayer?”

Because you are neutralizing your prayers, affirmations, or whatever you are doing  with negative suggestions.

When you impregnate your subconscious with these negative thoughts, it responds accordingly to these suggestions.

Unless you use constructive autosuggestion, which is what is called; reconditioning therapy, the impressions made on you in the past will cause failure and pain in the future.

And to neutralize that constant negativity on the environment and people around you, you also need what I call CONDITIONING THERAPY.

Using all types of mental training and improvement methods like autosuggestion, visualization, relaxation, mindfulness, and others.

Autosuggestion is a way to release you from the mass of negative verbal conditioning and create new behavioral patterns.

You can reject and neutralize all these negative suggestions by giving your subconscious mind constructive suggestions and counteract all those destructive ideas. Reject any negative suggestions and refuse the give them any attention or power. You are govern by your own thoughts, beliefs and feelings.

The suggestions by themselves have no power over you except the power you give them through your own thoughts. You have to give them mental consent; you have to entertain the thought. Then it becomes your thought and you do the thinking. It’s like a seed growing inside of you. Remember, you always have the capacity to choose.

This is my advice, Reject any negative suggestions about yourself and refuse to give them any attention or power.

Invite constructive criticism, but don’t let destructive suggestions from others or even from yourself have any power on you. You are governed by your own thoughts, beliefs and feelings.
Watch what you say. You have to account for every word you say. If you say “I will fail” that’s exactly what will happen.

Your subconscious cannot take a joke. It doesn’t know how to take a joke.  It brings all these things to pass. Never say “I can’t”. Tell yourself “I can do all the things through the power of my subconscious mind
So, today’s assignment,

  1. Choose about 10 suggestions you can red, and repeat every day with emotion and intensity. Put a goal to repeat at least 30 suggestions pr day and night.
  2. Filter what you read, watch, listen to, hear and repeat.
  3. At least 30 minutes a day watch, read or heard something empowering, constructive, inspirational. This is your 30- Minute TotalSuccess Empowering Daily Session, only things that build you and your life.

    and Today’s question is, what do you need to stop listening to, earning, reading or watching that is taking away energy, inspiration from you?


Tylor Jones, Master Coach at turbomind.com.
Contact me Through WhatsApp or Telegram for a 45-Minute Free Coaching Session. I love helping people and Businesses become Exceptional. +507-6426-9450. keep updating this list regularly….


How Every Single Suggestion affects Your Mind. TotalSuccess-Diary #86
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