Run toward your fears, TotalSuccess-Diary #87

Run toward your fears, TotalSuccess-Diary #87

by Miguel de la fuente
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Are you fears eating you alive? Are you feeding them without even you realizing it?

When you are fearful and you don’t do anything about it, the fear becomes stronger and more powerful.

You are selling your fear and your fear is selling you, someone is selling someone.

What do I mean? Either your fear is convincing you that you have no option to beat it, or you are sending the fear a message that it has no place in your head and in your life.

How do you send that message?

Well, You do what you fear most. You take action in spite of the fear, and you take that action over and over until the fear disappears.

It’s not a onetime thing, it’s an ongoing fight to beat it and overcome it, it’s like a tennis match, every point counts, it adds up.

And even if you still feel the fear you live and act as if it doesn’t exist, meaning the fear doesn’t stop you from living the way you want it and doing what you want to do. That’s the way you beat it.

But remember, it can be a lifetime fight. Take public speaking, you can train yourself to speak in public, become prolific at it, you stop doing it for some time and you feel the fear back again in your body….

So it’s little a muscle, you have to constantly exercise it.

Imagine you are in a summon fight; every little moment helps you win the fight or lose it.


As John Templeton sis so beautifully, “To overcome fear, the best thing is to be overwhelmingly grateful”.

Every time you don’t do something because of fear, the fear beats you, becomes stronger and limits your life.

Do want to be free from your fear?

Run towards it. Confront it. And do this every single time and you will win over your fear. But you must do it every single time.

So, Today’s question for you is,

What fear are you letting take possession of your head? What courageous actions you need to take to confront and beat that fear right now?



By Miguel De La Fuente, High Performance  and Business Coach
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Run toward your fears, TotalSuccess-Diary #87
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