Never give up, TotalSuccess-Diary #89

by Miguel de la fuente
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Never give up on your biggest goals, dreams, and values. Never stop improving yourself, and never stop learning.

You can change; you can adapt, you can reinvent yourself, but simply do not give up on your biggest goals, desires and values. Yu don’t give up on your purpose.

On the road to your biggest successes you will encounter unlimited obstacles, problems and challenges. It’s part of any great achievement and accomplishment.  It comes with the territory.

There are churches in Italy that took over 400 years to be completely finished after all types of accident, problems and situations that came up.

You simply cannot give up. Sometimes your biggest wins are just around the corner.

The history of humanity is story of success about overcoming incredible obstacles more than anything. It’s the story of always improving, getting better.

You see any great company, any great building, any extraordinary achievement and you see a person that beat the odds that overcame incredible obstacles, and completed his dream.

There is no free ride when you are creating something amazing, extraordinary and revolutionizing. There is no great achievement without great obstacles.

There is no extraordinary achievement without extraordinary effort and commitment.

Without the extraordinary effort, persistence, commitment to relentless action the achievement wouldn’t exits, it wouldn’t be there.

The personality trait that makes any person successful in business or any endeavor is his/her incredible persistence and determination, and the ability to take massive action, sometime, radical action.

You will need real determination, and persistence to experience an extraordinary achievement.

And remember, “You can win by wearing everyone else down. Never give up and the opposition slowly will begin to melt away”

By Miguel De La Fuente, High Performance  and Business Coach
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Never give up, TotalSuccess-Diary #89
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