How to be happier with 5-Minutes a Day, TotalSuccess-Idea#35

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How to be happier with 5-Minutes a Day, TotalSuccess-Idea#35

by Miguel de la fuente
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How can you feel happier in your life?

Start by smiling more, laughing more, and being more grateful.

You don’t smile because you are happy, you are happy because you smile, it goes both ways. But the easiest way to feel instantly better is to change your face expression and your physiology, in other words your posture and body language.

You change it from anger, or just being ok to a smiling face, and you don’t necessary have to smile, just a little expression of fun will also make it.


Are you so busy working and trying to achieve more and more while you forget to be grateful for so many blessings you have in your life? Having dreams is exciting, but being grateful is a necessity for a healthy mind, body and life.

This exercise is great for that.

We are busy trying to achieve more and more and we forget about all the things that are going great in our lives, all the victories we experience every day.

We need to stop at start appreciating the blessings or they will go away.
The more you focus on something, the more it expands in your life.

Be grateful, breathe deeply and smile, can you do these three at the same time?


For the next 15 minutes give thanks for everything and everyone you have in your life that you can be grateful for and do this while you put a smiling face.

For the next full 15 minutes be grateful, gives thanks for everything, and everyone.

When another thought comes to mind go back to the exercise. You can do this while walking, exercising, and sitting on the coach or any other place. Give thanks for 15 minutes.

Additionally when you wake up gives thanks, when you go to bed gives thanks, the more thankful you re the better you will feel.

When you are feeling scare, change your focus to being thankful.

If you would practice this exercise for 15 minutes every day after you wake up, or any other time you would develop a deep feeling of gratitude.

Start your timer for 15 minutes and every single day do this exercise.

By the way, don’t do the exercise as if you are counting 1,2,3……put some feeling into the exercise of gratefulness.


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How to be happier with 5-Minutes a Day, TotalSuccess-Idea#35
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