Expand your vision, TotalSuccess-Idea#34

Expand your vision, TotalSuccess-Idea#34

by Miguel de la fuente
Coaching with Miguel, 507-62463797


If you are not expanding your vision, you are probably contracting your life.

Your mind is like a muscle. A muscle expands and contracts depending on exercise and activity. If you want to create an extraordinary life, you want to  start with an extraordinary vision, a empowering and exciting one.

How do you create an extraordinary vision?

You write dreams, goals, desires, and things you want to do in your life. You also write your purpose, mission, and your deepest vales.

Successful people talk about what they want to do, be, have and manifest in their lives. They talk about their dreams. Unhappy people talk about problems, thing not working, drama, negative things..etc….

Expand your vision every single day.

Exercise for Expanding Your Vision:

You can do this fun exercise, write your top 25 goals for your lifetime.
The 25 things you want to do, have, manifest or become in your whole life. This exercise will stretch your vision and expand your possibilities to what your life can become.

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Expand your vision, TotalSuccess-Idea#34
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