What is the Difference between wishing an believing?, TotalSuccess-Idea#33

What is the Difference between wishing an believing?, TotalSuccess-Idea#33

by Miguel de la fuente
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What is the difference between a wish and true believing?

Well it’s the same as a dream and a vision, as we saw in another totalsuccess idea. A dream is something might or might not happen; a vision is a dream with a plan and a commitment behind.

A wish is something that you would like to do or have, but it doesn’t have any power behind. It doesn’t have any commitment that supports the wish. That’s why it’s a wish, because it’s in the air.

True believing is being convinced that what you want can become a reality and that you will make it a reality by your commitment to what you want.

True believing is internalizing the possibility of something becoming a reality.
True believing s not about positive thinking, its more positive living. Is having a deep sense of certainty something will happen, something will become real or is real already.

A true believe is very powerful because it blocks doubts and indecisions. It becomes a reality for the person.

Write down 5 beliefs that empower you:
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What would be Your Ultimate Vision for your Life? (the most xraordinary possibility)


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What is the Difference between wishing an believing?, TotalSuccess-Idea#33
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