Make a deal with yourself, TotalSuccess-Diary #75

Make a deal with yourself, TotalSuccess-Diary #75

by Miguel de la fuente
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You know, being a coach I hear people telling me about their goals, their vision and third dreams, and after they finished with that, I usually ask them this question,


What do you really believe you will have to do to reach this dream or achieve this particular goal?

This is an important question,


You know why?


Because we all have secret agreements and arrangements with ourselves,
agreements inside our heads and our subconscious minds…


And the interesting part is that sometimes we arenot even aware that w have these agreements….


Sometimes you don’t see the results you want even though you do everything right because you have a secret agreement, code or belief that hold you up.


In a way, you feel like you didn’t deserve it. Something was not  right.


So how do you change this from the beginning?


Well, this is my suggestion,
Create a contract with yourself. Make a deal with yourself of what it will take for you to achieve something. I like this technique also; I use it in my life.


You write a contract with yourself stating what you will do and not do, what you want to attain.


In the contract detail the specific steps and actions you will take to achieve these goals, and very important, put it in writing in a place where you can see it every day.


Also the result you will achieve.


So, today’s question is


What do you want? And what you do you really believe you will have to do to achieve that?

Make a deal with yourself, a written contract.




By Miguel De La Fuente, High Performance  and Business Coach
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Make a deal with yourself, TotalSuccess-Diary #75
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