How do you think 10X Bigger? , TotalSuccess-Diary #76

How do you think 10X Bigger? , TotalSuccess-Diary #76

by Miguel de la fuente
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You start with this belief….


This belief is the first step in thinking bigger. .

I got this idea from one of my favorite books called Relentless, from good to great to unstoppable, By Tim Grover.

Never see obstacles or problems, See situations in need of solutions, WAITING TO BE SOLVED.

Michael Jordan was the best because he was relentless about winning, relentless in his belief that there is no such thing as good enough. There is no place as a good enough. He didn’t want to be the best, He wanted to be the best ever. There is a difference.


So you got to THINK BIGGER:
There is a level even higher than you are living now, completely attainable but so challenging that most people don’t even dare to dream it. They are afrid of the effort it will take to reach that level of excellence.

Greatness makes you a legend. And it’s great , but Being the best makes you an icon.  Seeing problems as situations waiting to be solved helps your cause because you belief there is always a solution. .

So, If you want to be great, deliver the unexpected and people will be happy but  If you want to be the Best, you must deliver a miracle.

So, in order to be relentless, to be the best, you need to push your thinking, to think bigger, higher, wider, expand your vision, and increase your confidence

So today’s question for you is

What situations in your life are desperate to be solved?

How can you think much bigger than what you are doing?

What type of questions could you be asking yourself to think much bigger?


By Miguel De La Fuente, High Performance  and Business Coach
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How do you think 10X Bigger? , TotalSuccess-Diary #76
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