Scarcity thinking makes you poor, Stop condemning people who are successful, TotalSuccess-Diary #81

Scarcity thinking makes you poor, Stop condemning people who are successful, TotalSuccess-Diary #81

by Miguel de la fuente
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Sometimes we have tendency to condemn people who are successful, or who are more successful than we do, but this is scarcity thinking.


Scarcity thinking says, resources are limited and there is not enough for everyone, therefore, it you are successful I can’t be successful, or if you have that, I can’t have it too.


But is this the way this world or universe works? No its not.

We live in an abundant and united universe in which resources are limitless, the same as possibilities.


This is abundant thinking.


Abundant thinking says there is always enough, as a matter of fact there is always more than enough. Abundant thinking says if you are successful, I can be too, and your success is a prove for the success I will create. I cannot only create your results but 10X better.


You know in a medium size asteroid there is the equivalent of 100X earth’s gold, and silver. So it’s not that resources are limited, is that we haven’t been able to have access to them. Resources are unlimited.



Stop condemning people who are successful, who are rich. Bless these people and their success. Bless their family, congratulate them.


When you condemn creates lack in your life.


Condemning successful people, calling them names like “crooks”, “thieves” etc, is typical of a person who is trying to make ends meet.


When you try to make ends meet, that is exactly what most likely you won’t be able to do.

Aim higher, be bolder.

 STOP CONDEMNING THE THINGS YOU WANT AND DESIRE and the people who have it. Bless prosperity and you will have more, regardless in what form or who has it. Whatever you bless it expands in your own life.


Bless beautiful couples, beautiful families, bless abundance, bless successful business and enterprises.


The more you bless the more abundant you will become, because the simple act of blessing someone else’s success opens up your mind and your world to receive that which you are Blessing.


Today’s question for you is,


What are you condemning that you could be blessing?


By Miguel De La Fuente, High Performance  and Business Coach
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Scarcity thinking makes you poor, Stop condemning people who are successful, TotalSuccess-Diary #81
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