The easiest way to stop negative thinking, TotalSuccess-Diarly #82

The easiest way to stop negative thinking, TotalSuccess-Diarly #82

by Miguel de la fuente
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Do you feel sometimes like you can’t stop your mind, the negative thinking that goes inside your head? Or even the negative emotions?

It happens to everyone, especially after ar argument or some emotionally charge situations. It’s like your mid running on its own.

How do you stop this?
The easiest way I have found it’s a combination of two things.

  1. You start a deep breathing session. Whenever you feel stress, tension, deep breathing relaxes you. It’s a natural releaser. When you are under stress or under negative thinking you immediately change into what I call a “deep breathing mode”.
    This is not just simply doing 5 deep breathings and stopping, this means you continuous the deep breathing for a while, so regardless what you are doing, you breathe deep in a continuous form.
    You focus on your breathing mentally paying attention as you inhale and exhale.
    This will help you improve how you feel physically but also emotionally because you re changing your focus, your mental focus, what you re paying attention to.
    Your deep breathing should start from your stomach and continuing through the diaphragm, expanding your chest but without lifting your shoulders.
  2. Change your mental script into positive mode, start doing affirmations as you breathe deep, when you are breathing deep as well as you are doing positive affirmations you negative thinking stops because your mind it’s just busy doing what you are doing.
  3. SIMLE, LAUGH, After about 30 deep breaths with affirmations your negative thinking will have stop. You smile, laugh, laugh about yourself about the situation, about whatever you want, smile,
    You cannot be upset and truly smile. The simple act of smiling changes your biochemistry in your body. Smile for 1 minute and you will change your state completely.

  4. WATER, after this You drink water and hydrate yourself. When you are under stress, or arguing intensively your body dehydrates itself. Just by drinking several glasses of water, your stress condition improves.


Today’s question for you is?

What constructive affirmation you need to start giving yourself now?


By Miguel De La Fuente, High Performance  and Business Coach
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The easiest way to stop negative thinking, TotalSuccess-Diarly #82
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