the 10X rule

5-Books You Must Read to Achieve that “Impossible” Dream, turbomind book club, miguel de la fuente

I have to tell you, the title of this post is missleading. I don’t believe in impossibilities. …..i believe 99.9999 of your dreams and deepest desires are not only possible, but closer than you think. These 6 books you must read if you want to achieve something truly exceptional in your life. These are some […]

“The 10X Rule”, book summary

THE 10X RULE, BY GRAN CARDONE, BOOK SUMMARY BY MIGUEL DE LA FUENTE, WWW.TURBOMIND.COM ————————————————————————————– DOWNLOAD HERE:THE 10X RULE, BY GRANT CARDONE, TURBOMIND BOOK SUMMARY IN PDFBY MIGUEL DE LA FUENTE, ————————————————————————————- The 10X-Rule by Grant Cardone, TURBOMIND book Summary by Miguel De La Fuente. You can visit Grant here, for Grant 10X […]

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