“No limits”, by Michael Phelps, book Summary

“No Limits” by Michael Phelps, TURBOMIND Book Summary, by Tylor JonesYou can see Michael Here: https://us.michaelphelps.com/or here: https://www.michaelphelps.com/global/Or Visit his Foundation: https://michaelphelpsfoundation.org/ There are great athletes, then there are champions, and then, there is Michael Phelps. Michael is on another level of performance, possibility and results. Michael is the most successful and most decorated Olympian […]

5-Books You Must Read to Achieve that “Impossible” Dream

I have to tell you, the title of this post is missleading. I don’t believe in impossibilities. …..i believe 99.9999 of your dreams and deepest desires are not only possible, but closer than you think. These 6 books you must read if you want to achieve something truly exceptional in your life. These are some […]

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