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The Richest Investors in The World do not buy investments. They create their own investments.
They create investments that millions of people want to buy.
Robert Kiyosaki

What does UBER (    or AirB&B ( have in common?
They have created companies that millions of people want to buy and be part of them. I mean, they sell shares.

Yes, they have an amazing business model, but their biggest wealth builder is that they sell their shares to investors and people they want to participate in those companies. They are worth billions.

The richest people in the world usually have very successful companies that not only earn money as companies but sell their shares to investors. Those are the richest people. It´s accelerated wealth. That’s how you create your own money printing machine.


By Miguel De La Fuente founder of Turbomind &Turbomind Coach.
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The Richest Investors in The World
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