10-Things I learnt yesterday from a Singularity University Professor


All my life I have been an optimist. I just believe in myself and the future, I just believe that it doesn’t matter so much your situation as long as you are committed to make the most out of it. There is always a way.

Your external life is just a reflection of you internal.

There is always a reason to be sad. But there is always a reason to smile, to be appreciative to be grateful for your life.

For me, life is the ultimate miracle and human beings are the ultimate fascinating creatures.

Yesterday i was in a conference called “the future of technology and the technology of  the future” with profesor Jose Luis Cordeiro, a founder profesor at singularity university.

This  was one of the most fascinating conferences i have been in a while,
the other one being in 2005, again by the same profesor.

I intervied in 2005 Jose Luis Cordeiro for another programs i was doing with Mejor Cada Dia.

Yesterdays conference was fun, enterraining and futuristic.

Here are some of the things i learnt.




  1. We are living in the most fascinating time in human history. We are the beginning of evolution, what is coming is truly spectacular. It’s Hard to understand it and even harder to envision it. The possibilities and opportunities are limitless. There are so many options and possibilities that one can get dizzy.For further reading you can read Peter Diamandis, “Abundance” why the future is better than you think. Or his latest book, “BOLD”, How to go Big and Impact the World. Here is the amazon link,

2. The Singularity is near. When the “singularity” event happens, the whole humanity will change dramatically. This is the biggest game changer probably in a million years.This will be the inflexion point in human history. There will be a “Before” and “after” this event. 

  1. Singularity moment is when ARTIFICIAL intelligence (AI)matches or beats human intelligence.This is the moment when everything changes. When there is a post human situation. A pre and post situation.This event most likely will occur between 2029 and 2045, the most will be about 30 years from now. This is the end of the human race as we know it, with a new one starting then.
  2. FREE INTERNET: In the next 4 to 5 years. Between 2019 and 2020 most of planet earth will be covered with free internet wifi access. This will create massive changes also for humanity with amazing and unlimited opportunities to learn and do business.Companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook are working and competing in this right now. I believe Google is working on using balloons, Facebook using drones and Amazon trying the same thing using small satellites. Most of the planet will have free internet access in the next 5 years.Another 4 billion people will join the internet lifestyle. Can you imagine another 4 billion people joining the internet conversation?

    I am sure in the next 4 years dozens of many billion dollars companies will be created in many places where there is almost no internet connectivity now.

    It will be the biggest transformation in human history. 4 to 5 years from now we will live in a different and even more fascinating world.

    What company, service, or product can you create to serve those 4 billion people coming into the internet scenery? Think big, go for the goal. Make an impact.


  1. Life Extension. In the next 20 to 30 years we will dramatically extend human life. With genome technology as well as other complementary ones, we will be to expand human life to 40 or 50 years.This means that people who want and who can afford it will be able to extend their lives all the way to about 140 years or more.


Google is investing 1.5 billion in longevity and cell life extension.

This is an estimate, it can be longer or shorter time, but most definitely we will be able to live much much longer. That’s a promise. Please check with me in 30 years. Send me an email, or whatever mail technology will have then, maybe airmail, or even Telepathy mail. I am sure email will be absolutely obsolete by then. Check turbomind.com. I will still have the contact info there, most likely. Turbomind.com will be alive, probably me too.

Can you imagine if you could live in “good condition” until you are 145 years old? Can you imagine the things you could do in your lifetime?

Can you imagine the impact, difference and legacy you could build and leave behind if you would have another 50 years to your life?


A 70year old person would be considered almost like “a kid”. It’s crazy.
Our whole perceived notion of human life will be dramatically transformed and changed.

I am sure you will perceive your life in a whole different way that you are doing right now.
Dramatically life extension will be able to be accomplished through gene design and alteration. As Ray Kurzweil says, this will be the last un-designed generation of humanity.


  1. In the next 20 years, change will be more profound and intense than in the last 200 years of human history. We are reaching an accelerated wave in which will be see extreme change, and inventions taking place.
    The next 20 years are going to be absolutely amazing as far as exponential technologies goes.
  2. CANCER Cells. As bad as cancer can be in anyone’s life, from the cell perspective, a cancer cell is like a miracle cell.Cancer cells are basically healthy cells which have had a mutation. This mutation makes them “eternal” cells, meaning they live forever. Not only this, but cancer cells don’t get old, and they multiply exponentially.Scientist are trying to replicate cancel cell but in a good way. Technically we can create eternal cells. It is possible.
  3. Mouses have about 90% of same genes as humans, so experiments are very close to what could be in humans. Chimpanzees have 99% same genoma as humans, these are the closest to human genome.
  4. In 2025 most cars will be automatic auto self drive cars. You tell the car where to go, with a computer.
  5. You can have your personal genome made for 1000 dollars now and you can find where you come from and who your ancestors were.
  6. MEDICINE. We will cure all illnesses in the next 30 years. Medicine will not be curative but preventive, by gene technology, everyone will have their own genome sequence done, and will be preventive, you will be able to prevent illness.Regular birth will not only not be welcome but it won’t be allow, probably will be punished. Medicine will be preventive and personalized to each patient.
  7. The time to stay poor is ending. There is a new beginning with endless opportunities.
  8. We can create and design the future. We will create pure magic.




Some more ideas about the conference:


  1. There are Two types of cells: one are the germinal cells and the others are the cancer cells.
  2. Instead of complaining about darkness just turn on the light.
  3. Most of the illnesses will have a cure in the next 30 years. We will be able to control the biological life of the cell. We will be able to reverse aging, not only slow it down.
  4.  Today’s science fiction of today is the reality of tomorrow.
  5. Cryopreservation is possible now. However, we are not sure if we will be able to wake people up when the time comes.
  6. Human brain is the most complex structure in universe, and it’s kind of old and prehistoric, we can invent a new one.
  7.  Everything will be connected to everything.
  8. In your cell phone soon you will have more sensors than in your brain.
  9. Watson, the computer beat in 2011 the winner of the jeopardy for the last 5 consecutive years. Watson had all the info in his memory and brain.
  10. The main function of the human brain is for the body to move, body movement.
  11. If you can create a 1% better human, imagine a 10% better human
  12. There is a big race in the world to create the best exponential technology in history.
  13. Telepathy will be the new form of communication. Sensors connected to the brain.
  14. In 2020 the first Olympic for handicapped with extension people. Bionic parts.
  15. Better to prepare humanity for the future.
  16. Lighten the world.
  17. World growth is coming down, less people are borne.
  18. We are the last humans who are not designed, the last generation.
  19.   In 2030 there will be almost no poor children being born.
  20. The value is not in raw materials, but in the added value, like Mickey Mouse that is made of petroleum.
  21.  In China they just created a house in 48 hours made with 3D printing its parts.
  22. Mind tends to think lineal, but real growth is exponential. 30 steps lineal is 30, 30 steps exponential is three times the earth.
  23.   Its very possible  we can live over 150 almost 150  years with almost no illnesses, richer than ever and living part time mars.


Your coach,

Miguel De La Fuente

Are there things you have dreamt about that you haven’t found a way to manifest them? Do you have an “imposible dream” that you want to make happen?

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singularity university jose Lis Cordeiro, miguel de la  fuente, turbomind.com
singularity university jose Lis Cordeiro, miguel de la fuente, turbomind.com








10-Things I learnt Yesterday from a “Singularity University” Professor
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