Handmade Molas at turbomind.com

Hi, we create handmade molas, done by Panamá kunas with inspirational messages. 10% of the Net profit from these Molas, as well as TURBOMIND´s “Keeping Your Dream Alive” Inspirational Accessory line sold goes to support several organizations including Panamanian Indian Minority Group, “Kunas”. They Support themselves mostly through handmade “Molas” and Accessories.  Special thanks to […]

You are Loved Always

You are Loved Always We tend to forget but we are always loved, by life, the universe, friends or family. Even if no one says it directly to us, we are always loved by someone. How can you increase the amount of love you give to the world? By Miguel De La Fuente founder of […]

You are My Sunshine

You are my sunshine. What a beautiful quote or affirmation. If you can find someone who, in a regular basis, you can say this words to, probably you are a very fortunate person.  Regardless if it’s your mate, lover, friend or family member, this sentence summaries a high form of living, a form of living […]

Love is all you need

Love is all you need. Love is the most important vitamin, protein, mineral and nutrient you can give your body, your spirit and your soul. Love is the best preventive medicine as well as therapy you can offer, have or experience. If we were to focus on love and truly caring we would solve most […]

Be Ready to do the Impossible

Be Ready to Do the “Impossible” I absolutely love this quote. It breaks from the social hypnosis that is influenced from negativity of the daily news that deals with the impossibility and being realistic. Be ready to do what most people consider impossible but not you. Impossible is just a personal opinion. You were born […]

7-Easy Ways to Increase Your Energy Naturally, by Tylor Jones

Welcome to TURBOMIND´s-7 Easy Ways to Increase Your Energy Naturally, by Tylor Jones Do you feel tired sometimes for now reason? Is your mood going up and down with your energy? You can have a great energy during the whole day and more important a great mood, feeling great also during the whole day. Read […]

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