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This might seem like a very easy question, what do I love to do?
But in reality is a question that in today’s multi-dimensional, multi tasking world, is not easy to answer.

Before, people used to go to school, study a career, graduate, get a job for many years, and then retire.

In today´s super fast changing and moving world, having a job for 20 years or spending your life doing one single thing sounds like crazy.

It´s almost inconceivable. Do you know many companies in your area that have been around for 20 years or more? What about restaurants or stores? I don’t know many.

So what are you willing to do every day for 5 to 8 hours a day? What are yu wiling to practice for that time?”

Well, it is necessary if you want to become an expert, specially a world expert.

This is exactly what experts do; they do something over and over and over…..and over. Its massive focus

It´s a ridiculous devotion to become the absolute best in one single thing or area of expertise.

Someone asked Thomas Edison one time, how was he able to reach the level of achievement that he did. He responded: “most people wake up and do many things. I get up and I do one single thing over and over.”

This is how you become really good at something. However, in this age of multi-social platforms like twitter, facebook, instagram, whatsup….etc, unless you live on a mountain with very limited internet connection, it is hard to focus completely on a specific task, and do it over and over without any distractions.

This type of  laser focus, eliminating all other stimuli but what you are doing, and focusing for super long periods of time is what created many previous genius like Mozart, Edison, Da Vinci, Picasso, or many others.

All of these “genius” dedicated an absurd quantity of uninterrupted time and hours to their “thing”, and become the best at it.

So, more than ever, in order to become an expert, to have a high degree of excellence one field you need to dedicate yourself to be the best at one thing.

The same as soccer player Ronaldo dedicates every day to being to best in the world at what he does, playing soccer, and making an effort to improve on what he does, so do we.

By the way, if you want to be really good at something its not enough to practice, you need to do what is called deliberate practice, its with the intention on improving every single time…..

So, going back to the question, what do you really really love to do? What could you do for 10 or 15 hours a day without any interruption?
If you wouldn’t earn a dime, what would you do?

I am sure, as I have, you love to do many things, and maybe you don´t have a one specific thing that you absolutely love.

In this case, the best is to experiment. Start doing task you like and make a commitment to work for at least 4 hours without any distraction. Experiment and see what you like.

Additionally, is also necessary to be disciplined. You might love to build Wood tables, but you like to stop and do multy-tasking, checking your emails, facebook….etc.

You need to develop the discipline. Start with small capsules of time, like 30 minutes, working without any interruption, and increase from there. Make small commitments that take you to bigger ones.

Over time you will find what you can do for many hours without any distractions. Here is were you can become an expert.

Besides, is there anything that feels better than having a job well done, concentrating, focusing and finishing what you said you were going to do? I don´t think so!!

So todays questions for you is
what do you want to be an expert at?
What do you love to spend countless hours doing? Or this question,
if I would give you 5 million dollars and solve all your financial problems what would you do?

Also you could ask this question,

What do you want to create that is the best in the world at?
because maybe you don’t want to be an expert at something but you want to create the best of something,

For example I want to create the best and largest inspirational accessory line in the world; I also want to create the best and largest coaching community in the world.

So either at expert or what to create something exceptional, is great to ask these questions



By Miguel De La Fuente, High Performance  and Business Coach
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What do you want to be an expert at? What do you really love to do?, TotalSuccess-Diary #62
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