How to Be a 3% Man, by Corey Wayne, TurboMind Book Summary by Miguel De La Fuente,




“How to be a 3% MAN” by Corey Wayne, TURBOMIND BOOK summary by Tylor Jones
Learn Pickup, Dating and Relationships Secrets that only 3% of the worlds Men know about being successful with Women.
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Book summary for “TURBOMIND Book Club”,
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What is a 3% man?

This book shows a different way of thinking and showing up in the world.
Instead of chasing women, you realize that they are dying to chase a man who is  charming, funny, confident and fearless. The more you can exhibit an unattached and authentic version of who you are, the more women will go out of their way to get your attention

The right woman can help you become the person you were meant to be.

Welcome to turbomind book club, today we have the 10 things I learnt about the book “How to be a 3% Man” by Corey Wayne an exceptional book on how to become one of those few man that a woman is drawn to….

Turbomind Book Club
, we give it a 9.7 one of the highest scores give too a book.


Hi, today, today we have the 10 things I have learnt from the book “How to be a 3% Man, by Corey Wayne.

  1. THE 3% MAN

    The 3% Man is one of the 3 men out of 100 that a woman meets and is drawn to because he understands who she is and who he is. In life usually the 3% at the top are the ones that have the biggest successes.
    They are a little rude, indifferent, with the body language of a dominant male. He believes he is a catch and acts like one.

    A real alpha man has little competition.One of the things a woman notices most about a man is his confidence level. Confidence says “I know I am good enough for you”, “I am good enough for anyone”. It gives a woman the feeling that you will be able to keep her safe.Make eye contact with a woman until she looks away. Don’t be the first one to look away. If you don’t have the confidence level, fake it until you make it.

A woman doesn´t want to teach you how to be a man, you supposed to know this already.

A woman is just unable to walk away from a strong centered guy that is doing everything right to show her that he is in his masculine.

Women have a fantasy about being dominated. A woman wants the man to take control and handle everything. She has nothing to worry about because he takes away all the worry. She wants to submit to all his love and strength. The guy is her rock and she is his joy.



    Women can say they want something but they respond so something totally different.
    A woman loves a guy that is his own man despite what others think about him. A guy that is confident and goes for what he wants in life without fear. A man that is centered, one who has controlled of himself, with purpose, someone who knows where he is going.
    A woman loves a guy that is a challenge, a mysterious.

    A woman loves a guy that she can’t have her way with him and no matter what she does she is not going to sway him away from his purpose. She can’t control him. It’s like a rock, like a mountain.
    A true Alfa man goes for what he wants has positive expectations that he will achieve his dreams, and he will choose his purpose anytime over a woman, if faced with the choice.

    Masculine energy is about drive, purpose, mission, succeeding, accomplishing, overcoming obstacles, and achieving goals.Women say they love romance, and it’s partially true, however, they want to be engaged in the chase. Dating is a full experience of emotions for them. They don’t want everything drop in their laps. They want to feel as if they have earned your love, and that you have earned theirs.

    A woman is desperate for a man that is different, that is not needy, that not going to be jumping all over a chance to go out with her like they are the last woman on the planet.They crave for unconditional love and masculine presence of the men they love and care about.Contrary to public belief, women will chase you if you give them the space too miss you by not chasing them. Your inaction will cause them to take some action to get confirmation that you care and desire them.

    All you have to do is say yes to their advances.
    When a woman chases you, she can’t get rid f you.

    Men who chase women get rejected because the very act of chasing women is a submissive feminine quality.

    A woman wants to discover and be discovered.

    Women love romance novels, the typical novel goes like this: Boy meets girl. Boy usually treats girl with indifference. Girl finds boy contemptible, yet cannot seem to stay away from him. Girl and boy fight the growing attraction. Boy ends up with girl in a very romantic ending.

A woman wants to be in a love story. Love stories are mysterious and full of building sexual tension and then releasing it at key moments. Don’t tell a woman what is going to happen.



    The sad reality is that most men are talking women right out of dating them, sleeping with them, because they have no idea what creates attraction and what turns a woman off.Women tend to be driven by emotion and connection instead of logic and reason.Feminine energy is about opening up to receive love, bonding, connection, etc. Women are physically, emotionally, mentally designed to receive a man.

 A woman loves a confident, dominant man, loves security, wants to know if he will protect her and make her safe.

Women blow off the nice guy and goes with the jerks, why this happens? Because the nice guy is easy, she can have her way with him, he acts more like a woman than a man, emotionally that doesn’t make her feel safe, or that he could protect her. He is not trustworthy and will do or say anything to make her happy.  He won’t stand up for himself.

A woman wants a partner that can take the direction of the relationship. An alpha man is a leader. He leads the interaction where he wants to go.

On the other hand, versus the jerk is a challenge to her, its more appealing.



    One of the problems the majority of men have is that they put women on a pedestal; they are intimidated by them, like they are superstars.You should treat all women the same, whether you like them or not.
    Another common problem is that men tend to chase and pursuit too much, especially when they sense the woman is pulling away.
    Chasing and over pursuing a woman guarantees rejection.

    So these are the most common mistakes a man makes:
    -The man is not centered, weak, and needy.
    -The man Always does what she wants
    -The man Pus a woman on a pedestal, like queen, intimidated.
    -The man treats women differently.

    -The man chases and pursue too much. This guarantees rejection.
    -The man presses for commitment when she is still not ready.
    The man focuses all is attention on one woman, even if she doesn’t pay much attention to him. This is one of the biggest mistakes men make.Busy, successful men who are very popular with women never get fixated with on just one woman.



    All women love to test men, especially when they see a weakness. They test to see what you are made of. They want t know that if they push you or lean on you, that you are not going to fall over and cave into what they want.Women love to test, and sometimes they do it seeming to be irritated or upset by something, when in reality they are testing.Come from a place in which you assume all women want you. Probably it won’t be the case but that belief helps you to walk away when she rejects you. Be bold.A true alpha male doesn’t shrink in the face of her storm. No matter what she throws at you she can’t rock your boat.

    Slowly break her resistance. Don’t obey her commands.A woman will constantly test for your strength. Don’t obey her commands. Be your own man. Be yourself.


  2. Stop pressing women for COMMITMENT OR RELATIONSHIP

    Relationship is the woman’s department. When she is ready she will let you know, it’s not your business. Pressing woman for a commitment is one of the things men do that get a woman out of liking you. Your goal is to hangout, have fun and hook up.

    The relationship is the women department, not the men’s department.A woman takes longer to be in love, or be interested in a relationship. Men are visual creatures; women are emotional and look for connection. A woman needs to understand who the guy is before she can engage in an emotional reaction.A woman wants you to be more man than what she is; she wants you to lead gently.



    The purpose of a date is to create a fun filled opportunity for sex to happen. That is the purpose of seduction. Biologically men and women are driven to mate with the most dominant member of the opposite sex.The goal of a date is to HAVE FUN. Have a great time, laugh and enjoy.

    Hangout, have fun and hock up!!Tip: When a woman ask you out or suggest that you go on a date it means she has a high level of attraction for you.An alpha male says, honey lets go to the movies, or let’s do this or the other…….he sets the plan, has initiative.

    Women just want to go out, relax and have fun.A woman doesn’t want responsibility for sex, setting dates, picking where to go. That is the man’s department. They just want to show up, look good and have a great time. A woman loves to pull information from you. She doesn’t want to be easy.



Treat her like a lover, always, or she will assume gay, weak, lack of confidence, ect, and generally not a catch.
Don’t go to the movies or go out for lunch. Take her to dinner, to have drinks or to your place.
Nice guys who don’t make a move usually are not successful with women. They get the lets be friends speech. Not making a move gets you nowhere.
These men are too weak to stand for themselves.
Men who are successful have choices with women, plan evening dates that can lead to sex. It’s a fun filled opportunity for sex to happen. That’s the whole purpose of seduction, to get closer and closer until you end up inside of her.
NO group dates until she is your girlfriend. It interferes with a woman’s ability to bond with you emotionally.



walking away from a woman can have her attraction level go up. It’s a scientific fact that women are more attracted to men whose feelings are unclear. Sometimes walking away is the best negotiating position. It’s like buying a house.



    Carry yourself with your chest out, your heard back and a feeling of being proud of yourself. Walking like a dominant Alfa male.
    Women have invisible radar that can feel a confident, centered man approaching. You walk with a total air of confidence and women will notice you.



    Write down how would your ideal woman would be like. What would be her MUST qualities and values and which ones are not so important.

    If you could FedEx the perfect woman how she would be like?
    How would she be physically, emotionally?
    How would her habits be?

    Choose the top 10 qualities you couldn’t live without.
    Then write a letter to this ideal person you haven’t met yet(or maybe you have). In this letter you
    tell her everything you adore about her. Write this letter s if the person is already in your life.
    Review the list and the letter every single day.

    Putting this list and the letter in paper is a very powerful manifestation process.



    When a woman likes you she does specific things, some of them even unconsciously….

    She plays with her hair, makes eye contact with you, exposes her neck to you, pays attention to what you are saying, asks you personal questions, wants to learn more about you, gets close to you, touches you, touches your arm, bumps into you…..Her knee might be touching you, she might be touching your arm, she may be leaning toward you, standing so close that her body is bumping yours,Women want to be notice. Everything they do is to get your attention.

    When is time for you to try to kiss her?

    As she is talking, slowly, move your eyes from looking into hers to looking at her lips, the back to her eyes, slowly back to her lips, and then into her eyes over the course of 5 to 7 seconds. If she looks into your lips during the course of you doing this, it means she is ready to kiss you.By the way, women are very competitive, when a woman sees a guy with a woman, especially a beautiful one she wonders: what’s that guy got”…



    The goal is  to create specific dates, once per week at the beginning, so you don’t look needy or desperate.

    Make dates with specific tie and places without the need for confirmation.

    Do not use losers language offers like: would you like to get dinner or lunch and get to know each other……

    Instead say something like “let’s go to dinner, at this time at this place”
    Making definite dates make all the difference in dating success.If she doesn’t want t make definite dates you can use the negative selling clause, which is something like this….

    “I have a really busy schedule and I would definitely like to see you but if you can’t make definite plans with me, then why don’t we put it for some other time?”


    14. ON A DATE:

    Remember the purpose of a date is to Hangout, have fun and hook up.
    Hangout: make a definite date in the evening that can potentially lead to you having sex at her place or yours.

    Have fun: Keep things funny and positive with no complicated situations or subjects. Just do something fun.

    Hook up: go for the kiss. Kissing leads to heavy petting.
    Seduction is the process of getting closer and closer to her until you end up inside of her.Have Alfa male body language
    ask questions; let her do about 70% of the talking.
    Ask questions and opinions. VERY IMPORTANT.

    Asks lots of questions, like where she grew up, where she went to school.

    Try to know everything about her.
    Do not be an open book. Be mysterious.
    Women love to talk, men just need to learn how to listen.

    Ask questions; keep your answers to her questions positive. Be funny, be humorous, get her to laugh, and just have a good time.
    The goal is to have fun, to make her laugh, to enjoy.

YOUR FOCUS SHOULD BE 100% ON HER HAVING  GOOD TIME, and finding everything there is to know about her.

You will be a gentleman, hold doors open for her, and open the car door, you will take her hand when you cross the street, but don’t hold it prematurely….

Pay attention to what she is saying but don’t lean forward. Keep alpha male body language, chest out, taking as much space as possible.

Give her a kiss on the lips, it sows confidence, it says “I know I am good enough for you”

When you leave say, “I had a great night” don’t elaborate, let her think about how it was it. Don’t try to get the next date at the end of this date. Let her wonder.  Let her think about you.



    The purpose of an intimate relationship is to love each other and to help each other grow and become more.
    You are here to meet each other’s needs.
    The whole purpose of a relationship is to give.
    Love unconditionally. You are in a relationship to give.



    Just see that as an opportunity to make a date, get out of the phone and out of texting.Say something like this:
     “It’s great to hear from you, I would love to see you, when are you free to get together again?”



    When you give compliments make sure they are real, from your heart,  not just to say something. Something strong like:
    “You take my breath away. You are intoxicating to look at”
    “I love your lips, I want to kiss you”
    “I want you




    The best places to meet women are at weddings, art shows, seminars, private parties, social events, malls, grocery stores, trade shows or even at work. Meeting through mutual friends usually is much easier.



    This is one of the biggest mistakes men make.
    That’s not your business. Whatever is going on in her life is not your business now; you are trying to get to know her.

    Many women have boyfriends but are thinking to dump them and jus by asking, they can get uncomfortable or even emotional.
    Better Read her body language. Maybe she has very low interest in her boyfriend and is waiting to meet someone to dump him.



    Being  challenge, a little indifferent, making definite dates, using alpha male body language that attracts, simple pick up approaches, seduction techniques, using the phone only to set up dates and not talk, asking questions, at the beginning only calling a woman once a week for a date.


    QUOTES and tips

Never tell a woman what you are going to do, let them discover in real time.
Take them out one week, miss the next week and take them twice the following one. Always keep her wondering. Add spontaneity. Leave her curious as what is your next surprise going to be.

When a woman wonders about you, it has a positive effect on her attraction level.

A woman will say “I am not looking for a relationship” in reality she is looking and wants one but a lot of guys come too strong looking for a commitment.

All woman, weather you are starting of have been for 5 years will test you by not calling you. Don’t run after her. Let her come to you better.

When you go into a relationship with a woman, go there to give, ask yourself these questions:
how can I give to this person?
-how can I contribute to her?
-how can I make her life really amazing

You want her to think this: “I don’t think I can have my way with this guy and that makes me feel safe”.

What you fear you attract. What you look at disappears.

Women fall in love a lot slower than men do.

The average woman will sleep with a guy after the 2, 3 dates, provided he does the right things. Take her to multiple places in the same date, that will dramatically increase the chances to score.

Women are like cats, men are like dogs.

I think you need to come over here right now and kiss me right now.

You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free.

When you meet someone whose soul isn’t aligned with yours…send them love and move on…. Dr Wayne Dyer.

The strongest negotiation position is being able to walk away and mean it
Michael Yon

You SHOULD ALWAYS GO FOR THE KISS ON THE FIRST DATE, so you know where you stand. Try to kiss her. You will know how she is.  If she likes you she will facilitate. But I also see another option, she is easy, or could be really easy. Lean in and go for the kiss.



It’s great to hear from you, I would love to see you, when are you free to have dinner this week?

Hey babe( it was nice hearing from you), you  know, I miss you, we should get together sometime, how about 7 o’clock at hotel X to have dinner,

Hey it was nice hearing from you, but I got to run, keep in touch,
Hey I am busy, I got to run, keep in touch.


Hey que bueno saber de ti, me encantaría verte, cuando estas libre para cenar esta semana? Qué te parece el miércoles a las 7 para ir a cenar, fuera enel hotel Hilton

i am a born Leader and My Destiny is Greatness,



1. A woman loves a strong, confident man, a man that goes for what he wants, that has a mission and vision for his life.

2. Despite whatever they say, a woman loves a man who represents a challenge, something difficult.

3. Women love mystery, a man that is a mystery that she has to pull out information.

4. Be a gentleman 90% of the time and a bad boy 10% of the time. Send her the message that she cannot control you. You are unpredictable, uncontrollable.

5. Don’t be too available, answering the phone and texts messages right away instantly, wait and let her think about you.

6. Have fun, and hook up, don’t overcomplicate things.


Tylor Jones, Master Coach at
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I keep updating this list reg

Tylor Jones, Master Coach at
Contact me Through WhatsApp or Telegram for a 45-Minute Free Coaching Session. I love helping people and Businesses become Exceptional. +507-6426-9450. keep updating this list regularly….


“How to be a 3% MAN” by Corey Wayne, Book Summary
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