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How to train Yourself to Feel Awesome MOST of the Time. Turbomind Article by Tylor Jones

Be in a beautiful state
how to rewire your nervous system

Tylor Jones, Master Coach at turbomind.com.
Contact me Through WhatsApp or Telegram for a 45-Minute Free Coaching Session. I love helping people and Businesses become Exceptional. +507-6426-9450. keep updating this list regularly….

Do you feel sometimes hopeless, uninspired, excited, awesome?
Well, the majority in a single day go through a whole bunch of different emotional states.

The first thing when I couch someone is not to start looking at their goals or commitments, frustrations, but simple to get them into a beautiful emotional state now.

In my opinion, One of the best things you can do for yourself,

your life and the people around you is to make a commitment to live in a   BEAUTIFUL STATE. And I don’t mean a state or province in a specific country,
I mean a beautiful personal state of being. A beautiful state now and all the time.

A BEAUTIFUL STATE Is a state when you feel energized, love, joy, gratitude, awe, playfulness, creativity, caring, growth, curiosity, appreciation and excitement. It’s When you are present and smiling.

What exactly is this state?

Well, you are feeling your best. You make it a habit to feel great at any moment. I mean feeling your best all the time.

The very first goal you should have if you want to be more successful and happy should be to be in your best state possible, in your best being possible starting right now.

This is a state of feeling great now. I feel great now, not tomorrow, now I feel awesome, I feel grateful, excited, curious, and powerful.

It’s the Commitment to enjoy life not only when everything Is going great but also when things are not perfect yet,

Right now as you are listening or watching this message you can feel ok, you can feel scared, you can feel excited, grateful, you can be in a state of hunger, could be tired, bored….

Right now as you are listening to this you are in a state of being, you are feeling in a certain way, you are having some thoughts, and feeling. Right?


So tell me, How do you feel now?, right now, at this moment?

Ok great…from 0 to10, 0 being awful, and 10being absolutely awesome, your best.

Ok, and how would you ideally like to feel now? The most likely answer is I want to feel my best, right? I want to feel great.

the next question is how do you feel when you’re at your best?

The most common answers are, I feel energetic, great, grateful, excited, I am smiling, and laughing and having a great time, I feel present and wonderful.

So, what would it take for you to feel your best now?
Or at least what would it take to feel great now

A lot of people tell me well, I would like my house to sell, or my girlfriend back, or make a million dollars. Then, I would feel absolutely awesome.

So I ask them, why you have to wait to feel that way?

Why wait for the million dollars to feel great?
or for your girlfriend to get back with you, or for your leg to heal,

Why not trying to feeling awesome right now, in this situation and at this moment?

Studies show that if you are feeling great now, your chances to heal are much better, only by smiling your body is producing massive amounts of happy hormones like endorphins.

And you have a much greater probability of your girlfriend coming back if you feeling awesome about yourself, and your life, and if you are feeling great, present, grateful, excited and your girlfriend is not  coming back, maybe is better that she doesn’t come back and somene better for you will come your way.

Who makes the decision to feel awesome now? You right.

You might have a tendency through your life to feel a specific way.

Some people tend to feel constantly angry, or resentful, or worry, scared, they live on a state on constant worry; you can tell it by their faces.

Let me tell you, and this is scientific, the more you feel a feeling the easiest is to feel and go back to that feeling again.

The more you endorse and live in a specific feeling the easier is for you to go back there.

That’s by happy people tend to be happy, and worry looking people tend to be worry, and fun people tend to be have fun and angry people tend to stay that way. This is where the live the most and it’s the easiest to back there again.

But the GREAT NEWS is you can change how you feel and in what state you decide to live. You can start smiling now and whatever you are going through will feel much lighter.

I guarantee you that.


With your back straight Take 3 deep breaths, and while you are breathing deep keep a smile on your face.

It’s not easy, to breathe deeply for a couple of minutes and smile fully. After that give thanks for all the blessing in your life. Now, you feel much better right?

So, the next question is can you feel awesome all the time regardless of what’s happening in your life?

Well, it depends, The answer is you can make an effort and try to. And with practice you can really become great at feeling great.

I know what you are thinking, this is such a positive blab la bla, but it’s not, it’s based on training and research.


You can train yourself to be great. You can train yourself to smile all the time, at least partial smile.

If you are too happy, maybe people think you are crazy, because in a way, a lot of people they are used to live in a drama state and they are apparently happy living in that state. But I don’t think so, I have seen incredible transformations.

Feeling Great goes a step further than mindfulness, mindfulness says to be present, I say feel great now, and all the time. At least make an effort.

I have my challenges in life, as we all do, sometimes life will test your resolve like nothing, life can be really challenging, but those challenges don’t stop me from making an effort to feel my best, even in the most challenging times I try to keep a smiling and be grateful.

What I am saying is that you always have a choice how to feel even if you don’t think so.

Remember, about 60% of what we do is automatic, its run by our subconscious mind, so you can train yourself to feel awesome, grateful, excited and energetic at any moment. Or at least make an effort to feel your best in each situation.


How do you do this?

You start by changing your physiology, your body posture and body language.

The easiest way to change how you feel is to change your body language and your facial expressions.

This is what you can do:

  1. Get your back straight, take a couple of deep breaths, take out the air completely, hold for a couple for second and breathe deeply, hold at the top for a couple of second, exhaling should take about one third longer than inhaling.
  2. Smile, change your facial expressions, smile a little smile a lot whatever but smile, put a nice face, nice eye expression,
  3. Ask yourself what are you most grateful for in now? What are you most excited about? Keep smiling, you keep smiling

I know this sound really simplistic but it’s also very powerful and effective.

Something doesn’t need to be complicated to work and be effective. Sometimes the simplest things like deep breathing, smiling and saying thanks can transform your life.

You can rewire your nervous system by changing your focus and what you are doing.

So, why not making a commitment to feel like this all the time?

This is the best gift you can give yourself and the people around you.

I know the answer you might have, because life is challenging, and I have problems, and I can’t pay the rent, and my boyfriend left me with or neighbor, you have no idea what I am going through. …..

Make an effort t feel great at any given moment, you only live once, how do you make your life extraordinary? You start by feeling extraordinarily and by thinking extraordinarily.

That is one of the most powerful decisions and commitments you can make to take your life to a whole new level of possibility and enjoyment.

It’s The commitment to be happy, to enjoy life, to smile, to be grateful, and generous, to be at your best possible state no matter what happens.

The challenge here to feel great is that the human brain isn’t designed to make us happy and fulfilled. It’s designed to survive and to help us survive

Your 2 million year old Brain is always looking to see what’s wrong or what could go wrong, is always looking for whatever can hurt us, so that you can fight or take flight with it.

The decision that impacts your life the most is the decision to being happy, not matter what happens in your life.

So, you can Practice the 60 second TotalSuccess rule:
Give yourself 60 seconds to continue in that suffering, negative, or destructive state, and then make yourself stop it and change how you feel.

Whenever you catch yourself in a suffering state, stop, slow down your breathing, start breathing deeply, slow down, hold your breath for a couple of seconds, then exhale slowly and start all over again. Do some affirmations as your breathe deeply and specially smile.

Today’s question for you:

How do you feel your best? How do you feel in your best state possible?




If you are looking for other exceptional books on mental training as well as mental toughness here are my favorites, the ones I have personally read:

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  2. An IRON WILL, by Orison Swet Mardin, https://www.turbomind.com/an-iron-will-what-all-great-men-have-in-comon/
  3. The Champion´s Mind, by Jim Afremov.
  4. With winning in Mind, by Lanny Bassham, https://www.turbomind.com/with-winning-in-mind-by-lanny-bassham/
  5. Chasing Excellence, by Ben Bergeron, https://www.turbomind.com/chasing-excellence-by-ben-bergeron/
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  10. Unbeatable Mind, by Mark Divine, https://www.turbomind.com/unbeatable-mind-mark-divine-turbomind-com-bookclub/
  11. Get the Life You Want, by Richard Bandler.
  12. Can´t Hurt Me, by David Goggins, https://www.turbomind.com/cant-hurt-me-by-david-goggins-turbomind-book-club/
  13. Make Your Bed, by Admiral William H- McRaven, https://www.turbomind.com/make-your-bed-by-admiral-william-h-mcraven-turbomind-bookclub/
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  15. Discipline Equals Freedom. Jocko Willink, https://www.turbomind.com/discipline-equals-freedom-by-jocko-willink/
  16. RAFA, by Rafael Nadal, https://www.turbomind.com/rafa-by-rafael-nadalbook-summary/

I keep updating this list regularly….


Tylor Jones, Master Coach at turbomind.com.
Contact me Through WhatsApp or Telegram for a 45-Minute Free Coaching Session. I love helping people and Businesses become Exceptional. +507-6426-9450. keep updating this list regularly….

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How to Train Yourself to “Feel Awesome” MOST the Time
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